Name of boys from 5 or less letters

Name of boys from 5 or less letters

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If you are pregnant and expecting a boy, surely you are looking for the right name. Do you want a Romanian sound name, an easy to pronounce or a special one? We have for you some ideas of names of boys with special meanings, consisting of five or fewer letters.

Alin - the meaning of this name suggests "something noble, precious, loved", with the power of "to alleviate".

Andi - this name means "man, reckless, brave, fighter".

Lily - the people who bear this name are effervescent, ambitious and have confidence in their own strengths, having all the chances of achieving success very easily.

Dan - the name has a Jewish origin and means "judge", "God is my judge".

Dima - means "lover of the earth" and is a special name.

Dinu - means "constant, steady" and is a name with strong Romanian roots.

Entertainment - it is a less used name today and its etymology means "legislator, ruler".

Emil - it is a common name in our country and means "to nose, to excel".

Eric - the name of the winners, the meaning is "always leader".

Gelu - is a possible derivative of the name Gheorghe and is less common in urban areas. It comes from Greek and means "farmer", "earth worker".

Ilie - it means "God is my Lord" and it is a name that suits religious people.

Ion - it means "to have mercy, to do favor", and the main personality trait of the people who bear this first name is adaptability.

John - the meaning of the name is "but from God" and is a sonic, Romanian name.

Ivan - the name means "merciful", and the people who bear this name are energetic, warriors and have a strong will.

Laurels - laurel is the symbol of victory, so it is a name intended for the winners. It is a diminutive of the name Laurentiu.

Luca - means "light conductor" and is found on the short list of many parents in recent years.

max - derived from Maximilian, is a name quite common lately and means "the biggest, the most great".

Nelu - It is the diminutive of the Romanian name Ion. The name bearer is a serious, responsible and stable person. Has tact and diplomacy, is honest and responsible.

Paul - the etymology of the name is "humble". The person who bears this name is extremely attached to social values, order and traditions.

Radu - means "happy" and suggests a happy, lively person.

Thomas - means "twin". The bearer of Thomas' name is a silent, intelligent and inventive person, with a predominant analytical nature.

Vlad - can be self-reliant or diminutive from Vladimir, Vladislav and means "to master, rule, rule." The people who bear this name aspire to stability and harmony, they are reserved and sensitive.

When your child comes into the world you will need only one look to figure out what his name will fit. Regardless of what name you choose for the little one, it is important to be reconciled that it is the most appropriate. Don't just decide under the influence of the fashion names at the moment. Rely on your feminine intuition.

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