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8 essential oils beneficial for your hair

8 essential oils beneficial for your hair

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Essential oils for hair are a highly effective natural solution for treating the main conditions of the hair, but also for restoring its beauty and shine.

With rich anti-dandruff properties, against hair loss and to combat common hair conditions, lavender, chamomile, rosemary, lemon, mint, tea tree, sandalwood and jojoba essential oils are a handy solution for any woman who loves her hairdo.

Chamomile oil

Of all the essential oils beneficial for the hair, chamomile oil is the only one that has a calming effect on the scalp nerves. The oil contributes to the regeneration of skin cells that have been affected by chemical procedures (dyeing, permanently, etc.).

In addition, it also removes the harmful traces that adverse weather conditions leave on the health of the hair (frost, hives). In case of intense itching of the scalp, chamomile oil has a quick soothing effect.

Lavender oil

The oil extracted from lavender flowers represents an effective natural treatment against dandruff and combats itching of the scalp. The constant application of masks with lavender oil prevents thinning and breaking of the hairs, constituting an effective remedy against a condition called alopecia areata, which is characterized by excessive hair loss.

In just a few months from the first use of the oil, it is easy to see the regeneration of the hair and the health of the hair ornament.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is a great natural aid in stimulating hair growth and combating the phenomenon of hair loss. Rosemary oil also has a visible aesthetic effect.

In addition to preventing the appearance of dandruff and helping to regenerate the hair, this type of oil shows the shine of the hair ornament.

Lemon oil

Although many of the essential oils are often recommended for people with dry hair, there are also oils that are beneficial for very oily hair. One of these is lemon oil, which has the role of moisturizing the scalp, combating dandruff, removing excess sebum and restoring hair health.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is a natural solution for people who have dry hair. The extracts from the tea tree are meant to stimulate the natural production of sebum at the capillary level and to give the hair the protection it needs. Tea tree oil has a prophylactic role against dandruff and effectively cleanses the skin of dead cells.

Peppermint oil

Peppermint oil plays an essential role in the rapid and efficient nourishment of the hairs, in stimulating the growth of the hair and the blood circulation at the root level. In addition, it has a relaxing and refreshing effect, due to the pleasant sensation that lies on the scalp.

Jojoba oil

Jojoba essential oil is a natural remedy useful for combating dry and dull hair. It stimulates the production of sebum at the level of the sebaceous glands and also offers intense shine and vitality to the hair ornament.

Sandalwood oil

Another type of essential oil that protects and nourishes the hair is the one extracted from the sandalwood. Besides the pleasant scent it has, the sandalwood oil has beneficial properties against broken, damaged and dry hair.

It contributes to rendering the shine of dull and devoid hair. The essential oils used in the cosmetic industry are marketed in very concentrated formulas. Therefore, they should be applied to the hair according to the directions on each package.

Applying too much oil can have unwanted side effects on hair ornament. It is recommended to dilute them with the help of other types of oils - olives, grapes, argan, avocado, etc., to prevent the aggression of the hairs.

Do you know any other essential oils for hair? How do you use them? Tell us your suggestions, but also the recipes of masks or therapies in which you integrate the essential oils, in the comments section below!

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