Play with newborns. What is safe and what is not?

Play with newborns. What is safe and what is not?

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Newborns have few moments in the day when they are awake and active. Most of the time I spend sleeping. But the alert moments of your little one can be fully reaped by funny toys and funny gestures, which contribute to its growth or harmonious development. But you have to be very careful, because the little ones are very sensitive and fragile at this age and any game noisier or with more sudden movements can endanger them! Find out what's safe and what not when playing with a newborn!
Even if the newborn can't hold the toys, doesn't have too much mobility and sleeps a lot, it doesn't mean that when he is awake you can't play with him.
They also get bored and need to be cared for like other older children. In addition, by playing with him and paying the necessary attention, you contribute to the development of his brain, but you encourage him to move more, to develop his muscles faster and to make progress in raising his head and stay in the ass when the baby grows older.

Ways to play it safe with your newborn


Besides the fact that there are simple toys and games, available to any parent to care for the baby, any interaction with it can turn into a fun and useful game in its development.

Sit and move through his face

A parent's company, when awake, is the simplest way to bless the child. The movements you make, the grimaces, the activities around him, which he tries to follow with his eyes, help him to find an interesting "occupation" and not to get lost.

Talk to him all the time

Always communicate with your little one when alert. It doesn't matter much what you tell him! For example, have him sit next to you in the kitchen (away from sources of fire, hot water, knives and other dangerous things) and tell him how to prepare the meal, what are the steps in the recipe, etc.
Then, when you change his diaper, wash it or stand in front of him, do not forget to smile as much as possible, to make all sorts of funny and cheerful smiles. Sing them, recite their poems and read stories! Even if you feel like you don't understand or do such things for nothing, you'll reap the fruits later.

Ganges, gadgets, mangaieri, massage, walking etc!

Every touch of the baby catches his attention and makes him focus on you. Like any parent, sometimes it is more than you come to hug your baby and squeeze him as hard as you can in his arms.
Avoid making sudden movements with it, tighten it too tight or pull it with handcuffs and kick too hard. Immediately after birth, the baby's body is very fragile and vulnerable, and any touches a little more likely to cause bruising or injury. Also, do not try to shake it or "throw" it in the air, in the play, and then catch it! He does not have the optimal age to support such games, and his brain has to suffer during the flight from the air!
Limit yourself to eating it while talking to your mom, to eating it and to tickling it while smiling broadly. The child relaxes and is happy because he realizes that it is safe and a pleasant activity, because he sees you and you feel that you are relaxed and calm!

Zippers, carousel, colorful toys

There are also toys for newborns. They are not at all demanding or complex. It is not indicated either, because the little boy cannot do much with them. In the first phase you cannot even hold them.
But it is important to provide auditory and visual stimuli to help it develop. Banners are the classic toys of the little ones of this age.
Always choose safekeepers from safe stores and make sure that they are not defective, that they do not have sharp edges or small accessories, which could become a cause of drowning when you start to hold them and grind them.
Baby carousel or playgrounds for newborns are just as important for newborns. It offers both visual and auditory stimulation. In addition, more colorful or noisy players when shaking them are most useful in its development.

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