New ways to announce your pregnancy

New ways to announce your pregnancy

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You have just heard the great news and you are waiting for everyone to know that you have officially entered the world of pregnancy. Such a special moment will turn into the most beautiful memory, so it would not be unnecessary to add a few original notes to the situation. Here are some unique ways to announce your pregnancy, to your joy and your loved ones.

The possibilities of making such precious information known are endless. That is why a decision in this regard can be difficult to make. Moms around the world have faced the same dilemma, but they have finally found the perfect way to announce the arrival of their baby to the world.

Motherhood is a huge step in the life of any woman, so feel free to give yourself the reason you need to get used to the idea. Once you feel ready, be original to make the announcement as fun and memorable as possible.

Pea from the palm bridge

The first one who is entitled to the big news, the life partner, will definitely be overwhelmed with emotions. The intensity of the moment can increase significantly if you give him the opportunity to deduce for himself that he is going to be a tactician.

Before serving the meal together, ask your half to stretch his right hand, take a pea and put it on the bridge of his palm. Then tell him, in a gentle voice, "Do you want to hear something incredible? How small is your child at this moment." His face will reflect confusion, then enthusiasm and joy.

Baby's first message

Grandparents - your parents and your partner - are the next people you want to let them know that a new member is about to complete the family. It launches a normal invitation to a restaurant, invoking a reason. Buy a baby beard with the text "I love my grandparents" or another similar message and pack it beautifully in a gift box.

At the table, tell them that you have something symbolic for them, which you think they would enjoy. Even if it is possible to look puzzled at your little one but for a few seconds, the impact of the news brought in such a special way will give us new joy.

News in the online environment

If you enjoy socializing within virtual communities and have at least one personal presentation profile where all your friends and colleagues are, use this effective and inexpensive way to popularize the news that you are happily expecting a baby.

One such option is to photograph the positive pregnancy test and display the picture on the first page of the profile. In case you feel that your privacy would suffer, look for any other suggestive image to make you understand that you are pregnant. In a very short time, you will be the "target" of a burst of greetings and congratulations, which will make you feel special and loved.

Printed t-shirts

Do you want to know the whole world that you are living the happiest moments of your life or that you are preparing to warmly welcome a new member of the family? Have a party at your home and call your relatives, friends and acquaintances to join in the joy. Prepare printed T-shirts with a funny message, from which the essential information will come out.

For example, your partner may wear the text "Tatic de profession", you "Bebelus on board", etc. If you are in the second task, your first child may also display a nice message, such as "Brother / Sister in training". The family dog, if any, can also express his opinion, by the text "Not again !!". You will certainly delight everyone.

The news - puzzle

Another unique way to give the big news to your life partner or other close person is to order a special puzzle to print the text announcing the new status of your loved one. "You will be an excellent daddy" or "You will be his favorite aunt" are just two options suitable for this special gift.

Greeting - surprise

If you are rather adept at traditional means of communication, you can surprise your partner with a special greeting, which you will read on the air.

Write on the cover, in capital letters, "You are to blame", to arouse his curiosity. Inside, he writes a funny text, to flatter his performance: "Congratulations, your swimmers have won the race. The prize can be raised in 9 months."

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