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Things you need to know before choosing a child's name

Things you need to know before choosing a child's name

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The baby's name is most often chosen based on tendencies and sonority, but there are plenty of other criteria or aspects to consider when deciding what name your baby will have in the birth certificate. Resonance, phonetics, family name matching, potential for teasing in childhood, pronunciation and resonance at maturity are more important issues to consider in your decision than trends at that time.

Passing and dangerous tendencies

"Children's fashion names" is one of the most sought after expressions by prospective parents on online search engines, and books on trend suggestions sell like hot bread in stores. Parents are increasingly interested in baptizing their children with noble, royal or worldly names, depending on their favorite celebrities or what is fashionable at the time.

Before giving in to the idea of ​​inspiring yourself from trends, be aware that the times and, implicitly, the fashion changes, but the child stays with the name all his life. In addition, sometimes, trends can become dangerous ... in the future. If you baptize the child with the name of a rising star at the moment you give birth, but later, your favorite celebrity falls into disgrace or makes a reckless gesture and is "crucified" in the media, you may be sorry that it was your inspiration for the baby's first name.

The meaning or symbolism of the name

Another important criterion that is worth considering is the significance of the chosen first name. The symbolism of the name functions as a protective aura on the life or destiny of the child, so it is important to choose a name with positive connotations, expressing courage, beauty, kindness, kindness, success, etc.

The nicknames, names, tunes of the future

There is a list of classic names, but also original or unusual names, which are exposed to the risk of teasing, nicknames or offensive names. It is good to avoid the most obvious of them, so that the childhood of your little one is not marked by the teasing of others or by nicknames with negative connotations, which could affect their emotional development.

Resonance, family name matching

It is one of the aspects that few parents consider when choosing a child's name, but it remains a very important criterion. It is indicated that the child's first name should not go head to head or be in contradiction with the surname (eg Yvonne Gheorghe, Isabela Vasilica etc.) and not be extremely similar or be confused with it (eg Constantin Constantinescu , Andrei Andrei etc.).

Repeat aloud the full name of the child and make sure there is harmony in how it sounds from head to tail, so as to avoid confusion or pain. The consequences of a bizarre choice will be borne by the child later in school or adulthood, and you may not forgive yourself too easily for the burden you bear.

Easy and clear pronunciation for everyone

In trying to choose or even invent original and unusual names for their child, parents often fall into the trap of the most bizarre, hard-to-write, but especially pronounced, options that become a burden to those around them, but especially to the child. , as it grows.

It is, in general, the name of international inspiration, borrowed from celebrities or "fashion". In foreign cultures, these are easy to integrate into the community, but in the Romanian culture they are difficult to "digest", but especially pronounced. Regardless of the name you choose for the child, it is important to make sure it is easy to pronounce by everyone. Take a test and have everyone around you pronounce it, from the smallest children around, to grandparents or great-grandparents.

Resonance of the surname at maturity

Many parents are influenced by the babysitting of their babies and tend to opt for names that fit perfectly with this period of their lives. They do not consider that a whole life will be taken, and the diminutive or banal and infant first name chosen in the early childhood will no longer match the personality of the adult.

Design the name in the future and make sure it resonates beautifully at maturity. Associate it with some of the most serious professions: doctor, lawyer, businessman and think about whether you trust a professional who bears the chosen name now for your child.

Sure, you do not have to make the decision according to the profession you could pursue, but it is advisable to find a balanced name, not to be stigmatized in society and easily accepted in most communities.

Matching with the child's personality

Precisely because it is impossible to figure out what kind of personality the child you still have in your tummy will have, it is important to choose a name that is as balanced in terms of resonance and significance.

Opt for a first name that suits as many personality types as possible, but which has a distinct, powerful symbolism and sonority, so that it will be an advantage at maturity.

Popular does not always mean trivial

Many parents shy away from the first names of children who have gained increasing popularity, as they seem to have lost their impact and significance. But it is important to be aware that popular does not always mean boring and uninspired.

There are a lot of classic names, in the Romanian namespace - Andrei, Maria, Ana, Radu, Adrian, Iulian, Mihai, Ileana, Adina etc. - which retains its charm and significance, despite the fact that they are already popular and carried by millions of children.

On what criteria did you choose the name of your child? Have you considered all aspects of character matching, resonance, culture, symbolism, or have you just gone for personal preference and so on? Tell us the story behind your child's name in the comment section below!

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