Music courses for children in the western area of ​​Bucharest

Music courses for children in the western area of ​​Bucharest

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Starting with November 1, 2011, the Boem Club, a private school of music in Bucharest that addresses music lovers of all ages, opens a new headquarters in Zovizavi of Sphera Building Center.

Entries can be made at any time, because all music courses of the Boem Club are individual and personalized according to the musical skills of each student. The program is a generous one, the courses taking place from Monday to Sunday.

The students will be able to choose, as before, between piano lessons, guitar, singing, violin, cello, music education for preschoolers, and choir, courses that have as a bonus the participation in workshops on music theory and history.

Registrations they can be made at the phone number 0760 689 422, or by e-mail at [email protected]

The new Boem Club headquarters will have elegant rooms, equipped with professional musical instruments and quality equipment, specific to each type of course. The attendants of the trainees will have at their disposal a waiting room equipped with television, wireless internet, magazines and specialized books to spend the most comfortable and relaxing time.

"We set up in 2009 the first Boem Club headquarters with the desire to offer all music lovers in Bucharest, regardless of their age, the opportunity to learn to play in an organized, open, warm and welcoming environment. , two years after the opening, we are proud that we have managed to create "the place where music begins", for all those who want to learn to sing. By the quality of the courses, the professionalism and the enthusiasm of the team, we are proud that the Boem Club has managed to be leader in the music lessons market in Bucharest ", says Claudia ATANASOAE, General Manager, Boem Club.

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