Tips for child safety on the street

Tips for child safety on the street

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The safety of the child on the street is one of the most important concerns of the parents. Concerns and fears that something bad might happen to him will grow when the child begins to take different routes alone on the street. Here are some essential tips on how to teach your little one to protect themselves from dangers!

Teach him where to cross the street!

It's one of the first lessons you have to "teach" to your child to make sure it is safe when traveling alone in public. He must still know that he is crossing only the green light of the traffic light (for pedestrians) or the zebra, waiting for the cars to stop beforehand.


Treat the problem of aliens early!

The discussion about strangers and their interaction must take place from several anisors. Tell him that you don't have to talk to them and let alone give them their personal data. If a foreign person tries to approach you, teach him to go to the first woman he meets on the way and tell him or her to leave quickly.

Make sure you know how to call 112 and know all your personal data!

The child may miss when left alone on the street. For this reason he must be taught how to call for help, who to go to for advice and to have or memorize all his personal data. These include your full name, phone number and home address.

Try integrating it into groups of children!

It is not advisable for the child to suddenly wake up alone on the street. He could become disoriented and scared and he might get lost. When you decide to let him come alone from school, stick him to a group of children who pass through the area and talk to them to go together. The child will feel safe and the transition will be easier. In addition, teach him to come straight home after finishing his classes.

Teach him not to interfere when he sees that bad or strange things are happening!

Tell your child to avoid areas where he or she seems to see something dubious or dangerous. Simply, if you have the impression that those out there are not trustworthy, take it on the opposite side, even if you bypass a bit.

Teach him to walk through crowded areas and avoid desert areas!

The best thing to do is to teach him a safe route to go to school daily and back. Desert areas are dangerous and frightening for the little one. He feels more secure when there are more people around.

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