The child at 8 years and 3 months

The child at 8 years and 3 months

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The child at 8 years and 3 months manifests his desire for independence more and more often. Although it exceeded the moment of fear of darkness and monsters, the fear did not disappear forever. The most common fears of 8-year-olds are related to injuries, kidnappings and natural disasters such as storms, earthquakes, tornadoes or floods. All of these fears reflect how well your child understands the world around him.

To help him with his fears he tries to anticipate these situations and to limit the access to information that can reinforce these fears. For example, if a possible storm is announced, try to prevent him from seeing the news on the television, but rather tell him and explain what is happening and what to do.

In addition, you can learn a few safety measures for certain unforeseen situations.

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