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Fashion and style tricks in charge

Fashion and style tricks in charge

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The fashion and style tricks of the pregnancy help you to get out of everyday life and display an appearance adapted to the latest fashion trends. You do not have to become comfortable in dressing with the growth of the belly, but you have to choose the safest and most stylish clothes to keep up with the fashion.

Do not cover your body from head to toe

Even if your body changes as you progress in pregnancy, it doesn't mean that you have to cover every single piece of skin. There is nothing shameful or unsightly about displaying a sexy neckline or neck or beautiful feet. Choose skirts and skirts with a view to the skin, to maintain a feminine and stylish look at the same time. Emphasize the decoles (it is worth highlighting the breasts in pregnancy) and the skirts that will highlight your feet.

Choose blouses and dresses that highlight the belly

Baby doll dresses and blouses have begun to emerge. In addition, many of them can make you look bulky than you actually are.

Pregnant women, more recently, focus on highlighting the belly as it takes props and not on hiding it. Choose blouses or dresses that emphasize its shape. After all, why hide it? Show the world that you are pregnant ... it is a wonderful time in your life!

Be careful, do not wear clothes that put too much pressure on the abdomen. These do not have to be very tight, but rather super-elastic and easily mold on the tummy.

He wears skinny pants

Why do you think that when you are pregnant you have to choose the widest or flared pants on the market? If before you became pregnant, you were adept at fluffy pants, which will bring out your feet and back, don't give up! For nothing! As long as you feel comfortable in them and take care not to get sore, they are a safe and fashionable option.

Go on the hand of the strong colors

Colors are an essential part of a modern and trendy mom's wardrobe. Do not limit yourself to neutral colors that will hide your tummy or not draw your attention. You don't have to do that. The pregnant women dressed in color are cute and cute. In addition, the strong, metallic and strong colors began to predominate in both the hot and cold seasons of autumn or winter. Of course, the colors are wearing!

Choose prints or decorative items for clothes
Do not be afraid to go hand in hand with the prints. Don't worry that they make you look like a balloon or that you're loaded. As long as you make sure that they are not exaggerated, it is okay to wear them. For example, if you have a patterned blouse or accessories attached, avoid wearing pants that have prints. It's too much in one outfit and you'll get a chaotic look. The pants should be in one shade and without any pattern, to harmonize the outfit.

Hides imperfections with accessories and jewelry

Even if your figure has begun to deform more than you thought, and some areas are looking pretty unsightly, don't worry. If you can't rely heavily on clothes to hide, then magnetize the looks of others with jewelry and accessories. Choose large size accessories - large beads, oversized beads or multiple bracelets. These not only distract from the silhouette, but they also remove the outfit from the trivial and offer an extra style.

In the cold season you should not miss the scarves, in great search, and oversized bags.

Keep wearing heeled shoes

If you are accustomed to wearing heels and have no problems of comfort and convenience, then pregnancy will not be a hindrance to your pleasure. The most important feature that pregnant women must adhere to is comfort and safety. If you feel good wearing heels and have enough experience that there is not a high risk of falling or sucking your ankle, then do it.

However, you could opt for slightly smaller and thicker toilets and closed shoes, with support bars that will keep your foot as firm as possible.


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