Diapers size 0 for premature babies

Diapers size 0 for premature babies

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Pampers Premium Care, the diaper that offers 5-star skin protection, now takes care of the fragile skin of premature babies

The new Pampers Premium Care with moisture indicator is also available for size 0

Finding an effective way to care for a child's skin is an important task for every mother. Protecting the thin and immature skin of children born too young or too fast also comes with many challenges for mothers. That's why Pampers has now extended the promise of skin protection by introducing size 0 within the Pampers Premium Care range, now available in sizes 0 to 5.

This commitment to skin care of the baby has been recognized, Pampers Premium Care being recommended by the Romanian Society of Pediatrics. For a 5-star protection of the little one, the Pampers Premium Care diapers provide the best care and protection of the skin, the moms can be sure that they have made the best choice for the health and harmonious development of their baby.

Pampers Premium Care - size 0 has been carefully designed, taking into account the special needs of the skin of children who had low weights at birth.

"The skin of the premature baby is thinner than that of a term baby. The medical professional should choose diapers that will protect the delicate skin of premature babies. The diaper should be designed to create a microclimate that maintains optimal, adequate hydration. the skin of a premature baby.

It should also be borne in mind that urine activates a number of enzymes that are found in the faeces, generating a negative effect on the skin of the child. Therefore, the diaper must be able to effectively deal with these physiological needs, especially in the case of sensitive premature skin, while reducing its contact with the irritating factors contained in urine and feces, "he says Roxana Rusu Pusca, pediatrician, Pampers specialist.

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