10 mistakes that can be made to the detriment of skin health

10 mistakes that can be made to the detriment of skin health

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1. Use of the solarium - Solar is one of the causes of cancer and causes wrinkles.

2. Daily non-use of sun protection factor creams - The daily use of creams with protective factor 5 prevents the skin from being exposed to sunlight. In sunny weather a cream with protective factor 15 will be used.

3. Prolonged sun exposure - 10-15 minutes a day, without adequate protection, will affect the health of the skin in the long term.

4. Use of the wrong makeup remover - The makeup remover will be chosen depending on the type of skin. A high fat cleanser can stimulate the production of sebaceous glands. If the type of skin is not known, the advice of a professional will be required.

5. Use of retinoid-free creams - The best night cream that prevents aging is the one that contains vitamin A or retinoids that prevent aging or will alleviate the already existing wrinkles, prevent acne, etc.

6. Excessive exfoliation - Exfoliation depends on the type of skin: it is indicated in the case of oily skin, but if the skin is dry it will be avoided.

7. Daily use of moisturizing creams for oily skin - People with oily skin should only use sunscreen containing moisturizing ingredients. In the case of mixed skin, moisturizing cream will only be applied in dry areas.

8. Too many skin care expenses - Each person should be informed or seek the advice of a specialist regarding the purchase of skin care lotions to avoid unnecessary expenses.

9. Not knowing the skin type - If a person does not know what kind of skin he / she has, he / she may use the wrong care products.

10. Lack of assessment of skin health of the whole body, annually - Every person must periodically analyze their skin (if it has new blemishes, mumps, etc.), and annually request a specialized consultation in this regard.

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