Comfortable summer heels for fashionable moms

Comfortable summer heels for fashionable moms

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Summer heeled shoes or sandals can be extremely comfortable if you know how to choose the right models. Although high heels are associated with discomfort and foot pain, there are extremely stylish and stylish models that can be as beautiful as they are comfortable.

Here are some recommendations for moms in step with fashion!

Astral-S Fuchsia heeled sandals

These heeled sandals are a good choice for all summer outfits. Although they have a fuchsia background, they combine several colors that make them the most cheerful and versatile choice.

Colorful and beautiful, the heeled sandals help you to be a sensation.

Price: 200 lei

Mojito shoes

For moms who even prefer shoes during the summer, we suggest an elegant pair cut out in front.

The very thick heel makes them extremely comfortable and yet stylish and elegant. It can be worn both day and evening and highlight the feet of moms.

Price: 169, 99 lei

Biondini ethnic sandal

Ethnic style natural leather sandals are a sensational choice for moms who want to wear heels but love comfort.

They have a small and comfortable heel and provide comfort through the front bar that fixes the foot and makes it safe to walk.

You do not need 15 cm heels to impress or be elegant!

Price: 253 lei

Thea Visconti sandal

Summer sandals in combination of beige and red are a sexy and stylish choice. They have a subtle heel, but very comfortable. The model is unique and the details are original.

There are sandals for moms who know how to stand out with great taste.
Price: 190 lei

Whitney shoes

Here is a choice for sexy and daring moms. There are shoes in the trends of the season in a strong color, which offers advantages to moms with short legs, because they lengthen them.

They are comfortable because although the frame is 12 cm, the platform is 3 cm. The comfort is ensured by the thickness of the frame.

Price: 266 lei

Fonseca sandal

For the extremely comfortable moms, who almost never wear a heel, we have an extremely interesting recommendation. The design of the sandals is made in such a way as to ensure comfort and safety before anything else.

It looks a lot like the platforms, but the creators made the cut in the sole so that they look like heels.

It is a pair of casual sandals suitable for moms who want to be stylish, although they have a sportier style.

Price: 359 lei

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