How do you show your child's love according to age?

How do you show your child's love according to age?

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It is not clear that you love your child and it is not too small to understand when you say "I love you" even if it has 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or just 1 anisor.

It is logical for you and others that any mother loves her baby, but your baby does not know that. You have to prove it every day through words and deeds! Here are the most appropriate ways depending on the age of the child!

6 months

At this age it is important to use your voice and touch to show him how much you love him. Tell him you love him, how much he loves you, and how much affection you have for him, and easily touch his fingers, nose, and other body parts. Other ideas:

  • the use of Cucu-Bau in playing with him;
  • humming the songs of a swing;
  • smiles;
  • easy massage;
  • various funny grimaces.

6-18 months

Sweet words and declarations of love are valid at any age, be it 1 day or 18 years, so declare the love of the child daily.

In addition, get involved in his playing moments and invent songs in which to enter his name. Use games that do not involve toys, but only the interaction between you. Whether you help him fly that plane, ride him on his back or hide from him and then suddenly appear in front of him, do not hesitate to invent all kinds of funny toys.

18-24 months

Pay more attention to reading stories and especially the evening before bedtime. It is a moment that you spend only between the two of you, intimately, personally and that unites you very much.

Become an "actress" and play the role of story characters in front of him or invent stories in which he is the main character. Will feel appreciated!

2-4 years

Set moments together for just the two of you: play with the puppy in the afternoon, prepare the dinner, etc. Turn your housework and business into fun games that will spark your interest.

Attention, the age of 2 years is a difficult one in which the child puts "no" in front of any proposal and is not willing to share anything with anyone. Everything is just for him! So you need to find ways to show his love, but to help him develop skills specific to his age. And by worrying about turning those boring activities into real games and activities to feel appreciated and involved in family life, it is a sufficient proof of love.

4-6 years

As the ways of showing his love increase, he multiplies with the diversification of his abilities. Learn to write and read, so you can write tickets, send greetings or draw love for him. That is how you will stimulate him to do so.

Although parents spend more time with children when they are babies, it is important to spend relaxing, but also educational, moments with them, and when you grow up to pay attention to them, they feel loved, appreciated, wanted and taken into account.

Play with him, take him to visit new places (zoo, botanical garden, museums, etc.), ask for his advice and involve him in household or family decisions.

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