Ideal places to conceive children. Recommendations of mothers

Ideal places to conceive children. Recommendations of mothers

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Any location or space is appropriate to conceive a baby, you will probably say! We are sure that many of you have achieved this in the most unexpected or banal places. But for those still trying, here is a selection of the most "fertile" places to conceive the long-desired baby.

Some of the most frequently mentioned locations (in random order) were chosen from the responses of over 50,000 mothers who answered the survey.

The home

It seems that most moms have conceived the baby in their own home. On the couch, in bed, in the basement or on the edge of the case, any of these can become the "most fertile place" for conception. One of the mothers makes a funny statement: "For our baby, the couch in the living room will always have a special sentimental value."


In general, you leave many memories behind from a trip. Well, there are situations when you take and pack some things on vacation, such as a baby. Vacations maximize the chances of conception because there are times when both partners are the most relaxed and close to each other, and practically be said, in which the most sex is made.

Holidays (in the spirit of the holidays)

It is not a proper place, but the place is less important if you have the atmosphere, say moms. Even if you are at home, only with your partner, during such a period, you can spend more relaxing and pleasant moments than the rest of the year, due to spiritual implications. Most moms said Christmas day was the most fertile.

In the parents' house

Either his or hers. Many moms claim that the time of their conception turned out to be in the parents' house of one of the two. You never know when ovulation hits you, and if it is the right time for your in-laws or parents, this is it! In addition, it is even more exciting to have sex with the partner in the house where until yesterday you had to answer in front of the parents for the smallest fights.

In the hotel room (honeymoon)

Another part of the moms claims that the honeymoon is for all lovers one of the most recommended to make a baby. The hormones of love float in the air, the bodies are relaxed and the environment just right for the crazy people increases the chances of a positive pregnancy test result.

Rear seat

Some moms, more driven by the adventurous spirit and a dose of adrenaline, designed the children on the back seat of the car. A nastrusnica and welcome idea, as long as it has a baby grip.

In the doctor's office

Unfortunately, other mothers participating in the survey said they had to resort to assisted human reproduction techniques to fulfill their dream of having a baby. This highlights the fact that in the modern era fertility is increasingly affected from all sides: from nutrition, lifestyle and to the consumption of medicines without the doctor's opinion or the call for therapies and experimental medical practices.

It is not the most suitable and desirable place to conceive the baby, but if there is no other way, we are glad to find out that it can at least be so and we consider the doctor's office a beneficial place to facilitate conception.

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