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My baby is not cuddling, is it normal?

My baby is not cuddling, is it normal?

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Snoring and walking are the first "walking" forms of babies. They are methods by which the little boy gets a slight form of independence in the movement and in which he can take and move towards different things. He does this by balancing his movements on his hands and knees. Some children crawl until they start walking the bush, others skip this stage and get up straight, then take the first step alone. Is this normal?

When should baby crawling develop?

Most babies learn to crawl on their elbows and knees and walk the bush between 6 and 10 months. Until this age the little ones can move in other ways: rising in the ass, rolling on the tummy on both sides, using a hand in the back and a foot in front to "propel" themselves and simple etc.

Some children skip this step and go straight to the bus stop or constant attempts to get up on their feet. And to take the first steps.

Is it normal for babies to not show up at all or snore?

The specialists argue that it does not matter what his style is in the development of walking, as long as there is mobility and is always active.

Although the average age at which children cuddle or go to bed is 8 months, many children do it later or not at all, and this is not a cause for concern unless there have been developmental problems. If you notice that your little one:

  • sits in the ass without support;

  • grab objects with both handles;

  • uses both hands and feet equally;

  • it rolls in both directions;

  • manages to stand on its feet if it is supported, then you do not have to worry about it.

Concern arises when the baby shows no interest in movement, in any way, or very little. If the child:

  • shows no interest in clinging to surrounding objects, in grabbing the remote control you have in hand;

  • do not move his arms and both legs equally and concurrently until the age of 1, then it is advisable to go with the doctor.

How can you encourage him to crawl or walk the bus?

Parents play an important role in this process, because they can entice the little ones to make more movement. Put toys or other objects for which he shows an interest at a short distance from him and arouse his interest for them. He will be tempted to go with the body towards them and to grasp them.

Some children simply give up dragging and walking around the bush and become more anxious to get up, to move, sustained by various things, so that in the end they can walk alone.

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