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Hair removal during pregnancy. Useful advice

Hair removal during pregnancy. Useful advice

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On the one hand, you are not quite sure which are the safest methods of removing unwanted hair during pregnancy, and on the other hand you cannot manage to deal with many of them because of the uncomfortable belly that gets bigger every day. How do you cope with epilation during pregnancy? Useful tips and safe recommendations!

Waxing in pregnancy

It is a recommended method in pregnancy. However, your skin goes through many changes throughout this period. You might notice that the skin now reacts differently to waxing than usual. The same thing happens with the electric epilators in charge. Adverse effects are similar.

Therefore, it is likely that you need to use more soothing, but antiseptic lotions used before and after epilation to attenuate the effects: burning sensations, pain or small pimples. They also have the role of preventing a potential infection, reducing irritation and improving the redness that is often caused by wax.

If you experience common skin conditions specific to this period, this procedure may aggravate the symptoms and make you feel quite uncomfortable. Therefore, it is better to avoid it and choose methods that have less side effects in this regard, such as razor blade or cream.

Depilatory cream in pregnancy

Depilatory creams have aroused a lot of controversy regarding their effect on the fetus due to contained substances. The main care with them during pregnancy is the active ingredients: barium sulphide and calcium thioglycolate powder. There is no evidence that they are harmful to the pregnancy, but there were suspicions about them.

Some specialists recommend this method considering that even if those ingredients in any way affect, the amounts absorbed by the skin are small. Others are more cautious and recommend pregnant women not to risk and find creams without these harmful compounds.

There is also a risk that this method will trigger an allergic skin reaction. Therefore, if you choose to use cream try on a small portion of skin first.

Shaving with the blade under load

Although it is not the most efficient and easy method during pregnancy, it is by far the safest and cheapest, but also convenient method. This does not create any adverse effect on the pregnancy and does not irritate the skin like waxing or electric hair removal.

However, as the tummy grows in the groin area and on the feet, it can be difficult. Depending on the degree of intimacy between you and your partner you can ask him to help you in the last weeks before giving birth.

Be careful to moisturize your skin after shaving. Special creams for epilated after vitamin E are excellent for the skin and have been found to slow down the growth of unwanted hair.

Laser hair removal in pregnancy

Laser hair removal involves the identification of pigments in the hair and the mechanical and / or thermal damage of the follicles. In this case, there are no studies to prove the effects of the method on the health of the pregnancy, which is why many specialists recommend avoiding the procedure.

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