The child plays with the food, how do you reveal it?

The child plays with the food, how do you reveal it?

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Each meal is a beating with food and a pretext for playing for your little one! He loves to get his hands on everything he puts on the table, and you don't know what to do. Preschool age is one in which children play with anything they find, so with food. Find out how you get rid of this habit!

The way you react to these baby bumps has an essential impact on how he will continue to behave. The purpose is to have nice family meals and not turn the meal into a battle between parents and children or into a good manners lesson with your eyes and mouth all the time.

Well sure!

In no case do you start reproaching them, even if that is what you feel you have to do. It is useless and does not have the effect you want! You only prove that it caught your attention, and he is pleased with it!

Be an example for him!

Eat with him at the table! He will be tempted to imitate you in what you do! So, if he sees you eating you may also be tempted to taste what he has on the table, because the preschool age is one in which children like to do what they see in others!

It does not bring food or what to do with it when it is at the table!

Discuss anything else with the child, but do not focus more on how he plays with the food or on his inappropriate behavior at the table. That's exactly what he wants! Some children do this to get the attention of their parents. If I see that I can't do it, stop doing it!

React calmly!

When you see that your little one is making lots of mashed potatoes on the table or squashing carrots and not eating at all then tell him "I see you have finished the meal" and have him eat in front or have him clean the table himself. Then remind him in a calm and gentle tone that "food is made to be eaten and not to play with it". Do not worry that you will die of hunger, at this age children ask for food when they are hungry.

Does not satisfy his culinary preferences!

Avoid asking him if he doesn't eat because he doesn't like the food served and what he wants to eat instead. This is a trap where many moms fall, and then it turns into needy cooks to cook all the time what is pleasing to the children. It is important to educate him food, giving you the most suitable foods for his growth, not to let him decide what to eat and how.

If you educate him and repeat the idea that everyone eats and must eat what is on the menu for that meal, then you will know that this is the rule. In time he will learn to eat what he is given, without making noses!

Don't give her snacks 1 hour before lunch!

A common reason why little ones do not eat at the table and fish to model between their fingers the food on the plate is because they are not hungry. Why? Probably because you offered too many snacks between meals or at a time too close to the table, that is 1 hour before.

Don't hold it too much at the table!

Specialists claim that the little ones provide their necessary food intake at a meal in the first part of it, in the first 20 minutes. So if he then starts playing with food, he does it out of boredom. If he is no longer hungry and forced to sit at the table, he will do what he likes most about a child: play with what he has at hand! No need to stay with the whole family at the table until the end!

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