Essential things to know before you give birth

Essential things to know before you give birth

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The time of birth is one that is extremely expected of all mothers. Some pregnant women are more frightened when they are close to term and often have panic attacks. But others are eager to hold their baby in their arms and go through this process without any problem.

If you are near the deadline, here's what you need to know before giving birth, in order to be ready in any situation!

Look at birth as a wonderful event!

Many women are just waiting to have children, but if they could skip the extremely painful and distressing time of birth, they would be the happiest.

Even if you are scared and you know it will not be easy, you need to prepare yourself psychologically for this moment: preview the moment you give birth and imagine that all will go well.

Be optimistic!

Then ask the help of specialists, friends or partner to learn tricks that will help you overcome the pain of injury. In this way, the pains will not take you by surprise and you will manage them in an organized and coherent way!

Work ahead of time with the negative feelings that try you!

The closer the moment of birth, the more you become slightly negative and see only the empty part of the glass: it seems to you that the birth will not flow normally, that the baby will lose something, that something bad will happen to you during the birth etc.

You can even have panic attacks before giving birth to your child, which is good either to prevent or to work with them, so you can enjoy this moment.

If you go to a therapist, talk to him about your fears, if not, call for family support. In most cases, help! Even the close ones manage to reassure you at such times and it is normal, because you rely on people you put all your trust in.

Consider all the options regarding the method of birth!

Even if you have been given the chance to give birth in a certain way, which you particularly want, it is good to be open to all options and suggestions! Even if you want a caesarean section to avoid pain, your doctor may tell you that a natural birth is the right choice for you. Before choosing the way you give birth, ask the following questions to a specialist:

  • What is the least painful method?

  • Which method involves the least risk to me?

  • What kind of anesthesia fits me?

  • What birth options do I have at the moment?

Get support before birth!

You do not have to go through this experience alone and it is not recommended! Your partner must be the shoulder to support you when you need it most! If you do not have a partner, call your friends or relatives, so that you have people to help you overcome the fears and worries that are trying at such times.

Be aware that things can get out of control!

You do not have to fall into negativism, but you must be aware that the moment of birth is unpredictable and the process itself can be complicated. You have to be prepared for this, consider this as well, because if you take it by surprise, you will be frightened, and your anxiety level will increase.

These things do not depend on something you could do to prevent them, as you cannot fully control the development of the fetus in your uterus, but with the right support and a proper psychological approach to these situations, you will deal with any unexpected interventions. .

Make the most of this experience!

You must know how to make the most of this wonderful experience that you do not face too many times in your life. You need to sit and analyze yourself, to realize how important it is that you have succeeded in doing so, for your emotional and psychological health.

You must see the moment of birth as a lesson from which you can only benefit!

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