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The stories of the Romanian cuisine, for the holidays

The stories of the Romanian cuisine, for the holidays

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On Friday, August 27, you have volume seven and the last of the collection "Stories of Romanian cuisine".

With volume 7, dedicated to Christian holidays, to Romanians, and to the ritual dishes that accompany them, the series "Stories of Romanian Cuisine" ends, the true Bible of national gastronomy, written by Radu Anton Roman.

The Christian tradition associates with joy the great religious holidays and certain foods, more or less sacred today.

This time you will find out the stories and recipes of the Easter lamb and of the Christmas pig, of the cozonacs, of the cakes and of the marten, of all those dishes without which the holidays would have no taste.

And as the story of Romanian dishes does not stop here, you also have a special chapter with recipes from those who knew and loved Radu Anton Roman.

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