Collection recipes. Enter the Romanian Kitchen Stories

Collection recipes. Enter the Romanian Kitchen Stories

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The National Journal brings you 7 books, 7 culinary challenges, 7 trips through tasty Romania! Every Friday find out the history of the dishes of your nation written by Radu Anton Roman, the patriarch of the national gastronomy, genius storyteller, the first great culinary anthropologist of the Romans: "Recetas de Colectie"!

On Friday, July 30, you have volume three of "The Stories of Romanian Cuisine". A complete edition, found on the page, ennobled and illustrated with photographs of the preparations, ethnographic photos and unique images with Radu Anton Roman.

This week, we continue our culinary journey in "Ardealul slaninii cel gustos" (as Radu Anton Roman "nurtures" the land of the house).

He knew all about the Transylvanian dishes, from the fatty clams in cabbage leaves (a kind of huge stalks, crisscrossed after the Transylvanian mind) to the steaks named after the toponym (from Turda, from Somes, from Cluj) or to the stone pies of the inhabitants. from Apuseni and from the Padureni region.

All these you will find in the large volume dedicated to Transylvania, commented on the taste and language of a Transylvanian sadea. Take, but, break and cut a piece of bacon, only good to join the glass of palinca. A colossal recipe book awaits you.

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July 27, 2010


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