Natural treatments for premenstrual syndrome

Natural treatments for premenstrual syndrome

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The premenstrual syndrome, manifested by bloating, headache, fatigue or acne, can be eliminated with the help of natural treatments, from plants. According to the National Institute of Health, 75% of women suffer, during the period before menstruation, of physical and mental disorders that make up the premenstrual syndrome. 10% of them are experiencing severe symptoms that prevent them from performing their daily tasks.

What is premenstrual syndrome?

"Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a term used to describe a series of mental and behavioral disorders that occur in a woman's life before a week of menstruation. The symptoms can be physical and emotional," said Dr.

Doina Mihailescu, obstetrics specialist - CMU gynecology.

The specialist also says that the disorders usually cease with the onset of menstruation: "Premenstrual syndrome can occur at any time between puberty and menopause, and the symptoms may worsen with aging or in stressful contexts."

How does premenstrual syndrome manifest?

The list of mental symptoms associated with premenstrual syndrome includes tension and anxiety, sadness, crying for no reason, changing moods, eating cravings, insomnia, lack of concentration.

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