Smart use of the storage space in the child's room

Smart use of the storage space in the child's room

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The storage space in the baby's room is quite small, considering the need for free space for the little one when he learns to play alone in the room.
The furniture is minimalist and that is why it can be quite difficult to make the most of the place you have, especially when it comes to a small room. There are solutions to create more storage space in the areas you overlook.

The closet in your child's room
The first place to approach is the closet. If it is a small one, install a closet organizer, so you will use the space according to your needs and desires.
Since the baby clothes do not occupy much space, the shoulder bar can be positioned about a meter away, which is more than enough.

Above you should stay a few meters for shelves. To keep things handy, use some storage baskets or plastic containers for small items such as shoes, toys or other baby essentials.

Look for other storage areas
If the closet is still not roomy, look for other places in the baby's room where you can put more things. If there is space under the crib, you could place the boxes underneath. It is a good place to keep beds, sheets or other sheets. The boxes are easy to use because they have a handle on the side and you can find them in all colors, models and sizes. The wrapping table also has storage potential, especially for diapers, napkins, creams.
The tall library, which reaches up to the ceiling, or the wall shelves help to use as little of the floor as possible, in the case of small rooms. Otherwise, it uses two or more normal libraries, so that the child will later have access to his toys, books or other objects. Whatever choice you make in regard to this piece of furniture, do not forget to anchor everything to the wall, to prevent the risk of accidents.

Toy box
In the trade there are boxes of colorful toys and animals, useful to keep all the little boy's objects in one place, especially since the number of his toys is growing very fast. When you no longer want to play with them, your child can put them in their box, where they will find them next time.

Organization, essential for ease of daily activities
With a little time allocated to planning the space in the room you should find enough efficient general arrangement solutions. It is easier for you to have everything in order, in specially allocated spaces. In addition, with less time and effort, you have an easier life.
For more ideas, visit a large store, specialized in furniture and decoration.

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