Pregnant again, after a missed pregnancy

Pregnant again, after a missed pregnancy

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If you got pregnant again, after a pregnancy missed in the past, you probably don't know how to deal with the news now and you have conflicting feelings. If you have suffered a pregnancy loss in the past (the child was born dead or stopped evolving, or something went wrong) you are likely to meet the new pregnancy with a slightly bent heart.
This new chance is what you wanted, but you can't help but wonder: what will happen this time? There is no sure way you can get rid of fears, but there are a few things you can do to ease your mind.
Although you have reached the goal of becoming pregnant again, it may take a long time until you can enjoy the new task. It is normal for a woman who has lost a pregnancy to feel that the event might repeat itself.
It can be very stressful to the point where the pregnancy was lost last time. Some specialists recommend that you do not pretend, however, that nothing has happened when the moment you have lost your pregnancy, but rather to acknowledge this fact and face it as you know better.
You will probably feel very stressed as the term approaches, and it is perfectly normal. Don't blame yourself for not being happy all the time. Let your feelings follow the course. A healthy crying from time to time can discharge some of the tension you have accumulated.
Many women are reluctant to share the good news with friends and family after the sad episode of the past, and wait until the point where they have lost the other pregnancy. In principle, it is good to tell them when you feel ready, but you have to keep in mind that sometimes it is not good to hide, because in this way you will not benefit from their support during the first months, which are the ones more important.
Pregnant but thinking about the missed pregnancy
If you have become pregnant but can only think of the missed pregnancy, it is important to remember that this is a different experience. It is good to reflect on what happened, but do not forget to always look into the future. Some women feel that they can't really believe in their pregnancy until they have passed the deadline of the other and then they start to become more optimistic.
You will probably feel a little fearful throughout the pregnancy. But with every step you take (hearing the heartbeat, ultrasound, etc.) you will be reassured that everything is progressing normally.
Try the following methods to feel more optimistic:
• Think only about today. When thinking about the future, focus only on what you have to do on that day.
• Find out what happened to the missed pregnancy. Many women feel calmer if they know the cause that led to the loss of the first pregnancy, and if they are thoroughly documented on this topic. The fact that you had a missed pregnancy does not put you in great danger that the next one will be the same. Most women who have lost a pregnancy have an absolutely normal pregnancy afterwards.
• Try to do some relaxation exercises. Some experts recommend talking to your baby. This helps to create a closer relationship with him.
• Share your worries with your life partner. Do not strive to go through the difficult moments alone. And your partner suffered a loss. You can support each other.
• Talk to your doctor often. Do all the analysis on time and if it makes you feel better, come and go for the exams to listen to the baby's pulse.


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