Adolescence and discussion about sex

Adolescence and discussion about sex

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Most of the time, parents choose adolescence as the period in which to talk about sex with their children.
Discussion about sex can be difficult for both parents and children.
To help you get through this embarrassing moment, read the tips below:

  • Beware of "storytellers" from youth. The discussion is quite embarrassing and without them.
  • Use the correct names. Do not try to find other names for the anatomical parts of the body, sexual intercourse and sexually transmitted diseases, because you will only succeed in making your child even more confused. Plus he probably knows them by this age, so you don't need to protect him anymore.
  • Short and to the object. Do not postpone the key points of the speech through bullying or other topics because you will get bored and lose your interest. Directly say what you have to say and wait for the feedback.
  • Don't take it by surprise. An ambush on your child will only scare him. Announce it in advance that you will have a discussion so that you have time to get used to the idea.
  • Explain to them after the discussion that they can come to you at any time for advice, questions, puzzles. Be open with him and give him the impression that you want to help him further.
  • It's normal to shave. At some point during the conversation it will be inevitable not to laugh at both. Not necessarily a bad thing. It helps lessen the tension between you so don't worry about it.
  • Tell me your personal opinion. Don't be afraid to tell him what you think about his relationships because otherwise he won't know what to expect from him.
  • Learn to listen. Do not keep a "moralizing sermon" and listen to what your child has to say without interrupting it. Do not start sentences with "in my time".
  • Advantages and disadvantages. Tell her the pros and cons of starting a sex life, but let your child choose.
  • It correlates sex and intimacy with love and feelings. Tell him about the respect and love of the partner and the importance of reciprocity of feelings.
  • Teach your child to protect themselves. Buy a box of condoms and explain how they are used. Here comes the laughing part.
  • If she's a girl, teach her how to get rid of sexual pressure. Tell her that she should not feel obligated to do anything with her friend if she does not feel ready.
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