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Who is the child with?

Who is the child with?

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A problem that all moms pose for both the short periods when they have to go shopping, to the doctor or other places and for the moment when they will resume their service and will have to find a solution for the time they have the child will spend it without them.

Good, nursery, kindergarten, grandmother? Each has its advantages and disadvantages and mothers often feel confused, asking many questions. So we thought about approaching this topic to analyze these variants and find out what your requirements and experiences are in this regard.

When it comes to a person with whom the child will remain, there are several problems:

The training that the respective person has in dealing with the little one, both from the point of view of safety and from the point of view of spending his time;

• The trust that the mother has in the respective person, how much she invests with competence and good will;

• The way the child adapts to the rhythm of the person he will be with;

• The way in which the adult person adapts to the child, his habits, his rhythm of activity and rest;

• Communication between the parent (mother) and the person who stays with the child.

Some mothers consider that they cannot leave their child with a "foreign" person so they opt for a grandmother, another relative or a friend. If grandparents, aunts or other well-known people are not in the same locality or working, these mothers are trying to enter into a long-term relationship with a person who in time will become good.

During this time, the future good girl is participating with the mother in the care of the child and tries to adapt to the rhythm of the child and to "befriend" him. The mother is there but in time she can let the baby dress, feed him or play with him. Thus the passage will be made gradually, both the baby and the baby having time to adjust but also the mother to see that everything is fine and to ensure that she will be able to leave with a calm heart.

If the mother's mother or mother-in-law is available, it may be a variant but ... it is often loaded with conflict. A woman in the family will tend to impose her own style and rules to the despair of the young mother who wants to raise her child as she feels and believes herself.

• How do we find a good one?
• What does a good good mean?
• What is a good preparation?

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the vouchers and their preparation.

Other mothers prefer to opt for daycare and kindergarten, considering that it is very good for the child to spend time with other children. Here, too, the good option is not so easy to find, as other aspects such as feeding, attention, small accidents, illnesses inherent to the community appear. In addition, some of the time, such as the days off or at night, remains uncovered and so the mother can leave only as long as the child is in daycare or kindergarten.

To go to a party or for different activities, all the appeal to someone who comes home to stay with the child remains the solution. Therefore, depending on many factors, economic, psychological and social, related to the way the mother lives the separation of the child, the opinion of the partner and her own conceptions and feelings, the mother will choose a variant or will realize a combination between several.

We propose on Monday, April 21, to talk live about Who is the baby ?, a very important topic for all mothers.

Anca Munteanu

Psychologist - Child psychology
Center of Action Psychology and Psychotherapy


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