Adoptive parents vs. biological parents

Adoptive parents vs. biological parents

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Being an adoptive parent can be a great reward but it can also be a great source of stress. Here are some suggestions regarding the confrontation with the biological parents of the adopted child.

Adoptive parents are warned about all the obstacles they may encounter when it comes to raising an adopted child, but they are not warned how to proceed in a confrontation with biological parents of the child.
Most biological parents may be angry that some competent institutions have declared, for one reason or another, unfit to raise their own child, and all this anger will be directed to those who raise their child, to the adoptive parents .
The vast majority will consider that they have done nothing wrong and that there is no good reason why they cannot raise their own children. Thus, they will have a number of reasons to complain about how adoptive parents they raise their child, a situation for which the latter should be prepared.
It is easy to understand that adoptive parents bring their child or children into the home and raise them as if they were their own, without making any difference. They are not in any way treated differently from other family members, even if the adoptive parents have a biological child. A confirmation of these statements is the simple fact that those adopted children call their biological parents "mother" and "father".
Biological parents can also be linked to how the child is dressed, for example, or any other reason that might discredit adoptive parents. Occasionally, biological parents during a visit will allow the child to do everything adoptive parents they do not allow them to turn the child against them.
In these situations, the adoptive parents must be very firm and explain biological parents, as long as the child is in their care, they as adoptive parents, have every right to make decisions about the child, on any plan.
However, it should also be borne in mind that in many cases, biological parents should benefit from the empathy of adoptive parents, not anger and repulsion. Biological parents generally condemn with vehemence adoptive parents, because they feel frustrated with the competent institutions that took their child.
In order to try to remedy the situation, the adoptive parents should discuss with the biological ones before making certain decisions regarding the child.
For example, you might consult with biological parents before going with the child to trim, try to involve them in the important activities of the child, or at least send them frequently information and pictures as recent as the child, to make them feel that they are still part of the child's life. .
All this will lead to the improvement of the reality between the parents and the significant reduction of the stress to which the child is subjected, which unfortunately is the one that suffers the most in this situation, when he only wants to be loved.
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