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Sanctions for baby Sebastian

Sanctions for baby Sebastian

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Yesterday the case of the baby Sebastian Lungu was analyzed by the Medical College. Because his mother was left unattended for 45 minutes before giving birth, Sebastian was born with severe deficiencies.

The little boy was strangled with the umbilical cord, and now he does not hear, see and can only feed with the help of a tube.
After analyzing the case, the Disciplinary Commission of the Medical College of Bucharest decided to suspend the right of free practice of the doctor Cristian Radoi for a period of 6 months. Cristian Radoi is the doctor who was on the night when Alina Lungu, the boy's mother was admitted.
Mirela Moarcas, the doctor who took over Alina Lungu's case in the last months of pregnancy, was also sanctioned. She was suspended the right to practice for a period of one year.
Following this decision, Gheorghe Borcean, the chairman of the Professional Jurisdiction Commission, said that doctors can appeal the decision at the Romanian Medical College, reports NewsIn.
Also, the Order of Nurses in Romania has initiated an investigation into the allegations that are made to the nurses and midwives who should have assisted Sebastian's birth.
Gabriela Hotareanu
December 5, 2007


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