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6 healthy snacks for children on the trip

6 healthy snacks for children on the trip

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Snacks are non-stop food from any travel baggage of a child, especially if the distances he has to travel on the roads are very long. The healthier and more nutritious they are, the less you will hear them complaining that they are hungry or that they want to know who snacks are unhealthy.

Avoid the situation where the child might insist that he wants chips, wafers or chocolate, which are unhealthy and full of calories, and offer him natural and very satiate alternatives, which will keep his hunger and long-term appetite in check. long!

Fresh fruits are the most healthy, handy and practical snacks that your child can serve during the trip. Many of them are satiated and very nurturing, quickly alleviating the feeling of hunger that could give them a break on the way to their desired destination.

It does not require special preparation or very special storage conditions. But not all fruits are recommended for long distance travel.

Opt for fruits that are resistant to high temperatures - apples, bananas, apricots, grapes - and try to offer them to the child before being exposed to improper storage conditions - extreme temperatures.

Sticks made from whole grains, honey and mussels are one of the most nutritious options for your snack's travel snacks.

Apart from the fact that they are made only of natural ingredients and with nutritional properties that ensure long-term satiety - proteins, fiber, complex carbohydrates - they are also easy to transport and do not require special storage conditions.

Just like cereal sticks, organic biscuits, made only from natural and healthy ingredients, is another practical snack for the little one, during the trips.

The biscuits manage to quickly energize the child's body when he / she feels tired for miles traveled to their destination and to quench their hunger that could give them food until the main meal time.

Another delicious snack that could spoil the baby's taste buds on the trip is the famous waffles. You have at your disposal a lot of variants and assortments from which you can choose to satisfy the tastes and preferences of your little one.

Bio variants - made from 100% nutritious ingredients - are the best option for your child's health.

In addition, I successfully replace chocolate, Neapolitan or other unhealthy commercial cakes when the little one has a craving for something sweet.

If fresh fruit is not a solution for the snacks in your child's travel bag, maybe the dried ones are more successful among your little one's preferences. With such snacks at you, you no longer have to worry about storage conditions, as they withstand almost any temperature.

In addition, it does not require preparation time or special conditions for the child to pop. They can be eaten directly with the mango, disinfected and washed beforehand.

Almonds are other very satisfying and healthy snacks that your child's stomach might "enjoy" when the long, tiring road does not allow them to eat according to the schedule.

After only 3-4 almonds consumed, the child will already be the village, because the almonds have a very high nutritional value, and you will get rid of his constant complaints about hunger.

Sandwiches are also a good option for the child's snacks during the trip, but only when the temperatures in the means of transport are reasonable and are consumed quite quickly from the moment of departure.

Avoid making sandwiches with ingredients that alter rapidly or don't last too long even at constant temperatures. If you plan to make sandwiches, choose ingredients such as cheese, peanut butter, turkey ham or cheese, which lasts a little longer in luggage than other products.

If you have more than one snack option for yourself, give them the first sandwiches to avoid spoiling them.

What kind of snacks do you offer to your baby during your travels? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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