Childhood diseases. Stories from my moms

Childhood diseases. Stories from my moms

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How my child became infected with rotavirus - Ramona's story

Ramona is one of the young mothers who passed away, together with their child, through the experience of hospitalization, following the infection of the little one with rotavirus. Although it is a very common condition in children up to 5 years of age, rotavirus infection can be prevented by oral vaccination, not requiring the baby and family to go through the traumatic experience of hospitalization.

Unfortunately, Ramona learned this too late. And because no child deserves to suffer from this disease, and because all moms should know that they can protect their child from it, Ramona tells us about her experience.

It was a pleasant day, like any other, in which Ramona went out with her 1-year-old and 7-month-old daughter to the park, on a morning walk. Each time they were walking through the park, they liked to go to the playgrounds, where they met with other children and their moms, who spent hours together. The children played and the moms were amused by their innocence.

That day, after several hours in the park, the little one started to feel bad. He had a fever and started to shed. Shortly afterwards, he also had diarrhea and then Ramona became alarmed, because the disease did not seem to resemble any other she had ever had. They ran to the doctor, where he learned that he had to hospitalize his child due to rotavirus infection.

A regular walk through the park ended with 4 days in the hospital. There, under permanent treatment, the little girl went through the torment of having the infusion handled, while seeking relief in the mother's care. The mother, overwhelmed by the powerlessness, watched her near the white bed with bitterness. If he knew…

Ramona is one of the moms who learned on their skin what it means to suffer from rotavirus infection for a young child.

Follow below the whole story of Ramona.

The Romanian Society of Pediatrics recommends vaccinating children between 6 weeks and 6 months against rotavirus infection, a disease that can develop dangerous forms in children and especially in infants.

The testimonial was made within the campaign of the Romanian Society of Pediatrics, "Let's protect the childhood together", and this is available on the story of the mothers who went through it.

Information about rotavirus from pediatric doctors and how to prevent this disease can be found on the campaign page of the Romanian Society of Pediatrics, here:

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