4 tips to convince the child to take medicines

4 tips to convince the child to take medicines

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One of the most difficult tasks in a parent's "job" is to persuade your child to take the medication. You know he needs a drug quickly and you can only take it by mouth, and the fact that he constantly refuses to take it worries you and worries you. Patience, communication and creativity are the simplest and most effective tools available to convince your child to take pills or syrup.

Talk to him about his illness and the role of drugs for him!

"The sweet word brings a lot" is a saying that fits wonderfully in the case of children, even though many parents have the impression that they are too young to understand and use harmful alternative methods to persuade them to take drugs. Communication is the best tool to convince the child to do something.

Let's say he is flu and he needs a pill quickly to reduce his fever. Put the pill in front and start talking about it starting from the illness he suffers. Tell him why he is sick and ask him how he feels. Ask him if he has chills or is molested and if he feels well. He will most likely tell you he is not feeling well. Then show him the pill and explain to him that it is a medicine, which once swallowed and reaches his stomach, lowers the fever and makes him feel better, as when playing outside with children or toys and it was lively.

Explain to him, as amusing and understandable as he is, the route that the pill has to its destination, how it melts in the belly and spreads a magic dust that quickly takes the pain. Use words that are known to him and that soothe him. It borrows the vocabulary of stories and fairy tales to convey the information in its meaning and to remove its fears about diseases and medicines.

Do not force or force him to take the pills!

It doesn't take long until many parents lose their temper in the face of the child's constant refusals, start screaming at him, and eventually force him to take the pills. It is one of the most ineffective and traumatic methods by which you can make the child take his treatment.

These aggressive methods, verbal or physical, have a temporary effect, because the prichindel swallows the pill more than your fear. But in the long term, the child will get a repulsion or aversion to drugs, because he will associate them with how he was treated in childhood, when he had to undergo such treatment.

Don't bribe him to take the medicine!

Like physical or verbal aggression, blackmail is not one of the most effective ways to convince your child to take the medications he or she needs to get well. Even if it is easier to promise him a candy or a toy if he takes the pill and get rid of it without scandals and foot rolls, your child will not know why he takes that medicine and how it affects him. Moreover, it will condition any treatment that you will receive during the childhood of objects or food, and this is to the detriment of its development.

Mix medicines in food or sweet drinks!

In crisis situations, when you do not have enough time to convince him and the administration of the pill is urgent, fool him a little, to make sure that the treatment is being followed correctly and that he is recovering. Mix the syrup or pill in a favorite food or juice. That way, you won't even know that while he was enjoying his dessert or drinking his favorite juice, he also took the treatment that he had avoided for so long.

Use this method only in exceptional cases. It is best to talk to the child about what medicines, treatments and what they are used for, to explain to him the meaning of his illness and the role of the pills. Only then will he understand that it is absolutely necessary to follow the treatments and that he has no reason to be afraid of them.

Have you had problems convincing your child to take medication? How did you manage to convince him to swallow the pills? Tell us your tricks in the comment section below!

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