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Mama Boutique has launched the fifth collection of clothes for pregnant women

Mama Boutique has launched the fifth collection of clothes for pregnant women

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Mama Boutique, the most famous clothing store for pregnant women, launched on Wednesday, October 30, the autumn-winter collection of belly clothes, through a unique fashion presentation, with authentic pregnant women and beautiful mothers at the JWMarriott hotel in Bucharest.

Mama Boutique, an online store, is a business arising from a need felt on her own experience during the first pregnancy of Claudia Stirbei, its owner. The lack of clothes and accessories on this niche contributed to a certain extent to a state of personal dissatisfaction, which eventually led to the emergence of a store dedicated 100% to the belly.

He wanted to develop a friendly concept of shopping for pregnant women and managed in only 2 and a half years after the company was established to contact over 1700 pregnant women who needed the products of the store. Involvement in various beautiful projects with and about pregnant women, contributes to the success of the company, especially by promoting the idea of ​​preserving the style and femininity during motherhood and after birth.

Pregnant now with her second child, Claudia Stirbei organized the fifth fashion show with pregnant women, chosen following an unseen casting, in an elegant setting, at the J.W. Marriott. The idea was to show that it does not matter the height, the size of the clothes or the stage of the pregnancy and that you can look like a dummy if you want this and Mama Boutique manages to help you in this regard.

Using the power of example, the moderator of the event was Anca Serea, model and TV moderator, pregnant, the mother of 3 beautiful children and the most wonderful model for a future parent.

The Mama Boutique event was a very elegant one with tailor made partners, including - online store with organic products, Regina Maria Private Health Network, Heidi Chocolate, Vavian Pharma, Celia, Stokke, Miko Kids and the clothing store for children Picioru'Gras, by Mihaela Radulescu.

Mama Boutique tried to inspire future moms, having invited mum-stars, among them Ioana Ginghina, Adriana Bahmuteanu, Simona Balanescu, Tili Nicolae, Sorina Negoita, who managed to successfully combine professional life with the responsibilities of the mother, the business environment and the civil society scene in Romania.