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What news did 2012 bring to Disney Junior and what surprises are being prepared in 2013?

What news did 2012 bring to Disney Junior and what surprises are being prepared in 2013?

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What news did 2012 bring to Disney Junior and what surprises are being prepared in 2013?

In 2012 Disney Junior trained the little ones with educational and fun series and in 2013 the fun continues with new nice programs.

What happened in 2012 at Disney Junior?

Earlier in the year, he landed at Disney Junior Bear Muki, a bear cub, 7 anisors, who explores the world to find answers to Bunicuta's questions. Muki is accompanied by his friends, PoPo and Chavapa, and travels with his sophisticated solar-powered aircraft, which needs repairs, from time to time, during the trip.

In March, Disney Junior offered their little ones and their mothers an animated martyr: two new series. The Adventures of the Disney Fairies, a charming animation in which the little fairy born from the first laugh of the child, Clopotica is carried by the wind in the Poiana Ielelor. Here she becomes friends with other fairies and learns that her talent is to repair things, coming up with many inventions and Nazdravans. As the weather warms up until the summer, children and their families have fun with new episodes of the beloved Disney Junior series: Jake and the Pirates from Nowhere, Winnie's Mini Adventures Plus or Mickey Mouse Club and Art Attack.

In the fall, junior students learn about health and compassion from Plusica Doctor. In this animated series Dottie, a six-year-old girl, talks to the toys raised in her private clinic and treats them by showing them how important it is to take care of yourself and those around you.

December is the month of gifts for Disney Junior! Santa Nicolae brought in a new animation: Gruffalo - an enchanting story about a daring little mouse, who goes for a walk through the woods and stumbles upon a series of prey animals. A new adorable character has just arrived at Disney Junior: Zou, a playful and curious zebra puppy who likes to share his experiences with his little friends by teaching the little ones valuable lessons about aging and family. Winnie's friends were definitely excited about the movie's premiere Plus the elephants.

For the year 2013 Disney Junior Romania prepares new animated surprises for the junior and their families: new episodes from the most loved series: Bear Muki he will embark on new journeys, Jake and the Pirates of the Country Nowhere are put on wives, Zou and his friends are still very courteous and he gives the little ones kind of nice lessons, and the gang from Mickey Mouse's club is back with a new season.

Stay with Disney Junior for new fun and educational adventures!

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