The cars of Bucharest go to S.O.S. Children's villages

The cars of Bucharest go to S.O.S. Children's villages

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The cars of Bucharest go to S.O.S. Children's villages and Carrefour Romania launch "The cars of Bucharest"- a program for collecting cars and other toys for underprivileged children., the largest online platform for the sale and purchase of new and used cars, launches, together with Carrefour Romania, Bucharest Cars, a campaign to collect cars and other toys for underprivileged children.

The campaign will run until December 15, 2013, in six Carrefour hypermarkets in Bucharest, the toys collected to be given on the occasion of the children's Christmas at SOS Children's Villages.

The Campaign Masinutele Bucuriei is initiated with the desire to contribute to the harmonious development of the 1000 children in SOS Children's Villages, an association that implements national integration, education and counseling projects for children from disadvantaged families.
"We launched the Car of Joy campaign to wish to involve ourselves in the lives of the less fortunate children, hoping that by this initiative we will offer not only a joy to the little ones, but also a chance for a harmonious development. We invite as many people as possible. and we hope to collect as many cars and other toys for children from SOS Children's Villages, we invite all those who visit in search of a new or used car to join us in the effort to collect cars. new or used toys for each child from SOS Children's Villages, "said Mihai Cune, Business Manager
The campaign will run until December 15, in the specially arranged spaces inside the stores of the Carrefour Orhideea, Carrefour Baneasa, Carrefour Militari, Carrefour Berceni, Carrefour Colentina and Carrefour Vitantis, the collection program being daily between 08-22: 00.

Donated toys, from cars, dolls, puzzles or other games, must be in good condition whether they are new or used. These will be sorted and sanitized, to be given by Christmas to the children from SOS Children's Villages. The initiative is promoted with the help of the media partner, Kiss FM.

Social context in Romania

The problem of social integration of children is one of major importance for the current Romanian society. According to the latest Eurostat report, children are the most exposed citizens of the European Union, both in poverty and social exclusion, and Romania is facing one of the worst situations in the community. The data demonstrates how important are the initiatives that promote the social inclusion of children and the support of organizations active in this field.


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