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9 things you should know about Caesarean section

9 things you should know about Caesarean section

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There are many prejudices related to the way in which a birth should take place. Many mothers who turned to caesarean, by their own volition or because they have not met them, they feel somehow guilty or disappointed that they were not born naturally. This is because modern society unfortunately continues to stigmatize women who undergo such an intervention.

Most women will say they didn't want their baby to be born caesarean. But sometimes you have no choice, the last option being the only one recommended, for your safety and the baby's. When the doctor tells you that your baby's heart rate has dropped and that you must give birth immediately, you have no way to resist.

That said, a caesarean section is the worst case scenario for many women. It is essential to inform yourself correctly about what such an operation entails and dispel any doubt that you would not make a good choice.

Here are 9 things any woman should know about Caesarean section:

1. Breastfeeding after Caesarean section is possible

The popular belief that mother's milk comes down later and harder after a cesarean section is false. Lactation is stimulated immediately after birth, with the removal of the placenta, which results in a hormonal change in blood circulation.

Therefore, no matter what the world tells you, be sure that you will be able to breastfeed and keep your newborn in your arms immediately after giving birth caesarean. Regardless of the type of anesthesia you have, it should not interfere with the breastfeeding process, because the amount of anesthetic that gets into the milk is not significant. The secret to breastfeeding after caesarean it is the baby's breastfeeding as quickly as possible, in the first half hour, as in the case of natural birth.

Moreover, the specialists in obstetrics-gynecology recommend placing the baby on the skin of the mother immediately after birth, as long as it is still on the operating table. Therefore, if the neonatologist declares himself satisfied with the general health of your baby, you can enjoy the magical hour, as do the naturally born mothers.

2. Emergency Caesarean section does not always include child separation

Sometimes, caesarean emergency requires general anesthesia, but most of the time the mother wakes up quickly from anesthesia. In most cases, doctors will use epidural anesthesia, which gives you the opportunity to be awake during the entire procedure. In addition, you will be able to have physical contact (skin to skin) with the newborn, immediately after birth, in the postoperative ward.

3. You have no reason to feel guilty

When the doctor tells you that caesarean is the best option, you have no reason to feel guilty. Generally, caesarean surgery lasts between 30 and 45 minutes, so your baby will be born quickly and safely. It is very important to choose an experienced gynecologist, who you can trust and can guarantee for your safety and that of the baby in the hospital where you will be admitted.

4. You have the right to choose to give birth through Caesarean section

This rule applies from the first task. Regardless of the doctor's recommendation, the final decision belongs to you. Of course you have to listen to the specialist's opinion and make an informed and assumed decision, but no one can force you to give birth naturally if you don't want to.

You can invoke personal reasons when choosing to give birth caesarean. Consult with your partner, examine together the options and advice of the doctors and do what is best for the child and your family.

5. Natural birth after Caesarean section is possible

There are women who were able to give birth to a second baby naturally, after they brought the first baby through the caesarean section. Consult with your doctor before making a choice.

6. The second caesarean section may be heavier than the first

You already know what is waiting for you and this can cause you anxiety. Strong emotions can amplify your pains and contractions so much that you'll barely know what's going on. Conclusion: Caesarean section "of choice" does not relieve you emotionally.

7. Birth by Caesarean section is no easier than natural birth

The operation of caesarean it is painful and the recovery is longer than in the case of vaginal birth. It's going to be a good few weeks until you can lean back, pick things up or drive a car. If you know for sure that you are going to give birth by Caesarean section, expect 5 weeks of total rest.

8. Ignore people who insinuate that you have not experienced the "true birth"

Just for the simple fact that your baby was born through a surgical procedure, it does not cancel the fact that you wore it for 9 months in a womb and brought it to the world, with a heart full of emotion. Never let anyone make you believe anything else. Birth is not a competition. All mothers are winners, they gave the life of a man.

9. Don't let depression depress your joy of being a mother

If the birth of your child did not go as you expected, if you were forced to give birth prematurely, caesarean and you feel confused, unhappy or guilty about the way things have evolved, you can talk to the obstetrician, family doctor or midwife, to ask them to explain why you had to resort to cesarean section.

Your doctor may talk to you about post-partum recovery, but if you are on painkillers because of post-operative pain or you feel exhausted or overwhelmed that you need to take care of a baby, the specialist's advice may be they will not be recorded in your mind. Ask all the questions you need an answer to. The hospital will keep the birth record and the doctor's observations on your hospitalization sheet can help you process what happened.

Regardless of the experience you had at birth, if you feel disconnected from reality and the child or if you are trying a high level of anxiety or feelings of sadness, ask a doctor's advice. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it.

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