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The magic happens at the Sanziene Fair in the Garden with Artists

The magic happens at the Sanziene Fair in the Garden with Artists

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It is said from ancestors that the night of Sanziene or Dragaica it is a magical one, in which all wonders are possible, the sky opens, the dances dance and celebrate the sun, love and longing. So I planned exactly the weekend after this miraculous night (June 24 - 25) a big feast on the grass, in the heart of the city, in the Park Garden Icoanei in sector 2.

Because all girls are fairies of Sanziene and must be even more beautiful, we have prepared a big fair with over 50 skilled craftsmen who bring us clothes, jewelry, various accessories and many other things to wear, to wear. , offer in gift or take home. We do not promise that you will find the bear at our Sanziene bungalow but it is a good opportunity to leave the house and see if he has come there to look for you.

As tradition requires, we bring in the talented girls from Pirate Art who will weave your mops and make you colorful codecs and maybe you can convince them to look a little in your future from tarot cards, to Mirela who teaches you how to do crowned with flowers and Laura from Henna Journey who adorns you with spectacular temporary henna tattoos.

The fairies sing dances by Sanziene so Ioana Lupescu from the Bucharest Swing Dance Society teaches dances that are less archaic but easier to practice and for the inexperienced and Jean Baptiste Manitou and Arlequin invite us to the big jam session on Saturday with unheard instruments.

And the little ones who pass the threshold of the park will have part of their magic sessions, when things will no longer be exactly what they were - turning simple clay into colorful flowers with Ch'artist - Paint Your Own Pottery Studio, coloring with Comics Didactic, decorating objects with the towel technique with Dori's Creations and making spoon characters with Sarang Hangug. Also for them, Sunday evening is a journey in time, 50,000 years ago, in a tribe in which the language is the sound of African drums, Tibetan bowls, Native American maracas and waters of the Siberian drums, as we bring a new one. drumming workshop.

Our friends from Ludotech, a center of educational activities for children and parents, where only books, games and meaningful toys are promoted, make room for knowledge, play and relax for children with a tent with retro cinema, wooden sensory toys, puzzle- the endless Tri-Horse and the friendly Robetto Cubetto and for parents with Flux the addict, the motorcycle board full of challenges and clever books and magazines. They also offer vouchers to test their permanent space to all those who buy from our crafts clothes, toys and accessories for the little ones.

We remove the pillows again in the lounge area so you can relax where the grass grows, enjoy the Turkish flavored coffee and sweets from the Little Bazaar and sandwiches prepared instead of Wands on wheels, taste the best ice cream in town from the barrel with ice cream and cake Covasna sweet.

As usual, you will find at the fair the cat and cats known, loved and adopted, fairy painting exhibition from Corina Chirila and causes to support from Ana and Children.

Entrance to all the events of the Garden with Artists is free.

You can find the complete program of the Sanziene Fair on the Facebook page Garden with Artists and on the website