Prince Crab Ballet, premiere before the holiday at the Comic Opera for Children

Prince Crab Ballet, premiere before the holiday at the Comic Opera for Children

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On Sunday, June 18, from 6:00 pm, the Comic Opera for Children invites the little ones to the ballet "Prince Crab", the last premiere of the 2016-2017 season. The show is created in collaboration with the Jaqueline Ballet School, being the second production realized through the partnership between the two institutions, after the ballet “Beautiful Vasilisa”.

“This show created with the talented young artists of the Jaqueline Ballet School is the most beautiful but we can do to our young audience, whom we thank for having been with us during the richest season of Comic Opera for Children. From October 2016 until now, before the big holiday, over 90 000 children and parents passed our threshold and enjoyed the over 400 special shows and events that the team of artists, choreographers and directors of the OCC have - created especially for them. Between July 1 and July 9, we invite you as a child, with great time, to celebrate together the music at the festival at the Comic Opera for Children and at the Romanian Athenaeum. Then, we meet in the fall, in the new season, with many surprises and exceptional shows! ", Said Felicia Filip, manager of the Comic Opera for Children.

"Prince Crab" brings in front of small and large spectators over 60 children between the ages of 3 and 10, students of the Jaqueline Ballet School. With the help of music, costumes and special choreography, they tell the story of a fairy-tale prince becoming a crab and becoming a human again only through the sacrifice of a girl who loves him unconditionally and is ready to give his life for him. .

“An incursion into the fascinating world of children's stories from sunny Italy, with princesses, princes, fishermen, fairies and creatures of the sea, living together in a world in which the fantastic blends with reality. Courage, curiosity, gratitude, friendship and, of course, love are the values ​​of the characters in this serene story that I invite you to enjoy on the verge of summer vacation, "said Jaqueline Bratu, the director and choreographer of the show.

The premiere of the ballet "Prince Crab" will take place on Sunday, June 18, from 18:00, in the Great Hall of the Comic Opera for Children in Calea Giulesti no. 16. Tickets are available on the network. The Comic Opera for Children is a public institution of culture, subordinated to the General Council of the Municipality of Bucharest, run since 2014 by soprano Felicia Filip. Unique in the world through the audience segment to which it is addressed, the Comic Opera for Children has over 10,000 spectators per month.

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