Important tips for hair dyeing

Important tips for hair dyeing

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Hair dyeing is one of the common methods that moms use to redefine or retouch their physical appearance, when it looks "dusty" and "screams" after a change. In addition, it is a "bonus" for their self-confidence and self-esteem. Here are some useful tips to consider when painting your hair, especially if you want to do it for the first time!

Choose the right shade!

You can't paint yourself in any shade you want. It is important that when selecting color, take into account the natural shade of your hair. Avoid making major changes - such as switching from straight to blond - as it is possible not only to not get out what you want, but to severely damage your hair.

It also takes into account the color of the eyes and the tone of your skin. If you have skin and eyes open to color, you can go on a variety of shades, but only with a few lighter or darker tones than your natural color.

If you have an olive or creole tone of skin and dark eyes, you can go for darker variants of hair colors (if you are not already brown). And if you have pink skin, you can try gray tones, something cooler than paints.

If you want a major hair color change, ask a professional for advice. Do not paint yourself, to avoid a disaster both in terms of results and hair health.

Try a coloring shampoo for the first time!

If you want to experience a new hue and you are not sure which is the most appropriate choice, here is a useful plan in this regard. Opt for a coloring shampoo, without ammonia or oxidants, which goes after a few washes.

This way, you do not damage your hair, and if you are not satisfied, you can try another option immediately, until you find the color you like. Then you can turn it into a permanent color, by choosing a hair dye and not a coloring shampoo.

Do not wash your hair for a day or two before dyeing!

Applying the paint on unpaved hair is not a myth. The natural oil of the hair contributes to the intensification of the chosen color and favors the uniformity of the color. So, never paint yourself immediately after you wash your head. It waits between 24-48 hours from washing until applying the paint.

Use the shampoos or masks that come with the paint pack!

The envelopes or tubules with shampoos and masks that are found in the paint packages are not put for nothing there. They not only have the role of nourishing the hair after dyeing, but also contribute to color fixation. In addition, it helps the paint to withstand the hair for a longer period of time.

Test the paint and do not scratch!

Do not apply paint all over your hair first. If this is your first time using that paint brand, then it is important to test it to make sure you are not allergic to any of its components or that the result will be the one you want. Test the paint on a thinner, more hidden, hair.

Observe if you feel any itching or itching in the first few minutes after application, which may be associated with an allergic reaction. If not, wait for the recommended period on the prospectus and then rinse. See if you have achieved the desired result. If that's what you want, apply the paint to the rest of the hair.

Take into account the length of your hair when you buy paint. Do not try to force the painting of large hair with a single tube of paint. You will only leave strands uncoated. Take as many tubes as the length of your hair requires and apply the full length of the paint, insisting on the root, tips and white threads.

Protect your skin, ears and neck from paint stains!

If you paint at home and do it yourself, then there is every chance to spread paint everywhere, including on the forehead, ears, cheek and neck. The paint is very difficult to clean the skin, so it is advisable to take a few simple measures to avoid staining.

Apply a thin layer of cream or lotion with Vaseline, which does not allow the paint to penetrate through it and stain the skin. After finishing the dyeing process, gently wipe the cream layer, along with the paint stains, using a makeup remover.

What hair dye secrets do you know? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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