How do we choose the carrier for our little one?

How do we choose the carrier for our little one?

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Use of a pouch It allows you as a parent to have permanent contact with your little one. This is a positive aspect for both parties (bearer and wearer), especially in the first weeks after birth, when both mommy and baby are feeling against the lack of intense relationship they had during pregnancy.

Here are the real reasons why a caretaker can improve many aspects of the parent-child relationship:

1. If the baby was born at term and there is no fear of its health, the immediate use of a baby carrier amplifies the sensations of a well-being, due to the contact between the two.

2. Experts say that placing a newborn baby in a carrier can reduce his or her irritability, soothe colic, but also reduce the risk of post-partum depression for mothers.

3. The immediate use of a carrier has a positive, immediate and lasting impact on the mother. Keeping the baby in direct contact with the mother enhances her desire to protect and care for her baby because it increases confidence in her ability to manage, understand and meet the needs of a newborn.

4. For dads, the use of a carousel represents an opportunity to be close to the little one and, more importantly, to know each other. This experience produces the same positive effects as in the case of the mother, because the moment of rapprochement between the two is unique and special, so that, from the beginning, the father-child relationship and the early recognition of the father figure will develop.

Here are the qualities that a carrier should have:

1. Be ergonomic:

- A newborn baby must be supported in the carrier in the "M" or "frog" type position;

- On the other hand, for the parent it must be as easy to carry, offering him support for both the back and abdomen, for an optimal distribution of the child's weight;

- If you do not have enough information about a carousel, all you have to do is access the site, the site of the International Institute for Hip Dysplasia in Newborns and Children in Orlando, Florida, which tests and offers certification for ergonomic pouches.

2. Functionality: Nowadays, we want products that are as versatile as possible, so a baby carrier with several ways of positioning the child has become a "must have".

Here are the positions of a type of carrier for which parents most often choose:

- Facing the parent (this type of positioning facilitates breastfeeding);
- With face to the direction of walking;
- Behind the parent (for older children).

3. Easy to clean: the talent of the little ones to dirty everything around them is recognized, so why would the carousel be an exception? In these conditions it is good to look for a cleaning bag that can be cleaned in the automatic washing machine.

Chicco has developed a series of such ergonomic pouches, certified by the International Hip Displacement Institute in Orlando, Florida and you are invited to test it. Parents who have not been familiar with these products can view them by accessing the links below or by testing them at Chicco stores.

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