Watch what your little one is sleeping on

Watch what your little one is sleeping on

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Because the skin of children is very sensitive, pay close attention to the linen and articles you put in your baby's crib. The quality of a linen or other children's items is determined, first and foremost, by the fabrics used.

Printed or woven patterns

It would be preferable to choose linens and accessories as simple and without too many prints for the baby's crib. However, if we want to have a color stain, it would be good to opt for woven prints. How do we know if they are woven? Very simple - the stitch appears on both sides of the product.

If the crib or pillow has a printed design, we must take great care that those colors are natural. In general, a variety of inks and chemical printing techniques are used. There is also a variant in which the image is glued to the underwear. It is best to avoid such products because they can scratch the baby's fine skin.

How often do we change the bed linen?

In order for your baby to have healthy skin and not face any respiratory problems, change at least twice a week underwear. Also, it would be good to opt for a 100% organic cotton underwear, as it deteriorates very hard, does not create allergic reactions and does not favor the mites' moult, unlike the synthetic fabrics.

In addition, the pillows and blanket should be shaken and ventilated daily on the glass to remove at least some of the microorganisms that have been collected. The bed mattress also gathers a lot of dust and mites, which is why it must be vacuumed and sprayed with a special spray.

Choose overalls and sleeping bags

In the case of newborns, there should be no pillows, sheets or heavy beds in the crib. The reason is simple, you should avoid any object that can cause the choking of the child.

For a newborn baby, the most suitable are the overalls or sleeping bags made of cotton or wool. And if you want to use a sheet or crib, the baby should be wrapped up to the nappies and the crib should be extremely light.

Organic products are better for babies

First of all, organic textiles, unlike conventional ones, do not contain pesticides, do not contain genetically modified cotton, do not contain pvc or chemicals. Then, if we opt for such products, we protect the environment.

Moreover, organic textile products are associated with quality. They are soft like cashmere and allow the skin to breathe, creating a very comfortable feeling for the child. They are generally much more absorbent and more resistant.

Napati's recommendation

The Napati online store has a new range of products for the care of the little ones. Dishan is a leader in the organic products market. All Disana products are made from pure natural fibers, organic cotton, organic wool or silk. Even buttons or straps are natural products.

The waterproof cushion for the Disana mattress, 50X70 cm, is available on at the price of 72 ron. The crib from Disana protects the mattress from moisture and at the same time guarantees a comfortable and healthy sleep for the child. It can be placed on the bed or in any other place where the child stays or sleeps. It is made of 100% organic waterproof doubled cotton. It has antibacterial and anti-allergic properties, being washable at the same time. It is extremely resistant to wear and can be washed at temperatures of 90 degrees Celsius.

Another product recommended for your little girl is blanket with butterfly application available on at the price of 126 ron. In a very attractive color and especially with a very nice decorative application, this organic wool blanket is incredibly soft. It can be matched with two cushions with identical application.

On the same site and from the same range you can find sleeping bag made of knitted wool at the price of 148 rum. This Disana sleeping bag gives newborns that sense of protection in their mother's womb. The high, elastic, knit waistband holds the baby as if in a hug, while the large bag leaves room for the leg movements of the feet. The best thing about this sleeping bag is, with certainty, even the soft wool from which it is knitted, which keeps the heat at the same time.


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