Signs of a mother marking. Some in life, others temporarily

Signs of a mother marking. Some in life, others temporarily

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A child changes a woman to the depth of her being. Whatever she craves after her previous life, when she seems buried in diapers and creams for ass, when she smells all breast milk, when it seems that the whole universe is spinning around the soul she just brought into the world. But no! It does not seem, but it really spins.

Over time, the signs fade. We accept that it cannot and should not be the same. We realize that we are only now complete, that in fact, until we have a child, we were actually waiting for him.

But a mother is not just a soul. Beyond mother and child, she is a woman. A woman waiting to come out again and needs it. And there are signs that betray her. Whether she is alone, in front of the mirror, before the shower, or on a beach, the signs that she was born are visible. The scar from the caesarean section, the stretch marks, the skin that has lost its elasticity can be seen, felt and ground.

Therefore, it is necessary that, during pregnancy, we help our skin to overcome this challenge. Because we have to be honest with ourselves and recognize that no matter how generous it was with us, we also need support from us so that the effects are not permanent.

Nature heals the skin

In times when technological revolutions provide us with all kinds of wonderful products, it seems that all nature is the one who helps us. After all, there is a close connection between being a mother, baby, skin and nature. All the signs left by the presence of the child through us are, in the first phase, reasons of pride.

You look at the scar from Caesarean section and you remember the first time you saw your baby. You look at stretch marks and you smile at your pregnant image, in the last months of pregnancy, when you were just moving. At some point you will want to get rid of them, because you do not need them. The small eyes that look at you are the supreme expression of your transition from womanhood to motherhood.

And then, you are looking for solutions ...

Nature has made them and all nature has healed them. And, lucky for us, there are still places where the plants are so clean that they can be harvested to make them creams and oils that will cure our skin. The Alps in the Tyrol region of Austria are one such place. From 1350, that is over 600 years ago, there is produced a herbal oil that is used to repair the skin. It's unique. The pharmaceutical industry struggled to reproduce these substances in the laboratory and failed, which is why the Vatican called it a "miracle of nature."

It really is a miracle. It helps to heal new and old scars, stimulates skin regeneration and calms it. Even the most sensitive skin types are aided by repair oil.

Theresienol containing only plant extracts: Butyrum bovis, adeps gellinaceus, pyrus malus, stellarioides longibracteatum, tocopheryl acetate - vitamin E.

The physical signs of the birth are gone, you return to the woman who liked to see herself in the mirror, even in the shower, but now you have something else. A little shine! Because your soul has been transformed. If you see signs. You wake up every time you hear a baby crying, you jump right out of the chair when a "mother" hears you, you miss the baby as you walk out the door, you constantly fret for him.

It is the new love that grinds you and gives you strength. You wouldn't even want to change anything. For physical signs there are remedies from nature, enclosed in a tube that Theresienol writes.

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