The particularities of the baby's skin

The particularities of the baby's skin

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The particularities of the baby's skin require specific care measures, different from those used by adults. Infants' skin is more permeable and thinner, retaining water like a sponge. The protective function of the epidermis is not yet fully developed, and the skin does not yet produce sebum with a protective role against pathogens in the environment. Any mother should be thoroughly informed about the methods of care of the baby's skin, but also about the creams to be applied daily to prevent irritations and other skin problems.

Among the particularities of the baby's skin is the insufficient development of mantic acid in the first months of life, which forms a thin film on the surface of the skin and protects it from external aggressions (mechanical or pathogenic).

Special characteristics of the baby's skin

With the transition from the intrauterine to the external environment at birth, the newborn's skin is suddenly different in temperature from the uterus, with low humidity of the environment, mechanical pressure and direct contact with germs and irritants in the air. This trauma of the skin helps her to start the process of maturation, which happens at a slow rate, up to the age of 1 year.

Babies have, a few days after birth, a neutral skin surface, with a pH of about 6.5. In the first month of life, the microorganisms with which the skin comes in contact triggers small sebum and transpiration secretions (insensible), which lower the PH to 5.5.

Compared to that of an adult, the skin of a baby is different by:

  • thickness: it is 5 times thinner than the skin of mom or dad;
  • permeability: the need for hydration is more intense;
  • cleaning and protection: the perspiration and sebaceous glands are incomplete;
  • regeneration: the primitive form of mantic acid delays the recovery of the skin;
  • Illness: constant stress in the diaper area, vulnerability to infections, irritation, etc.

Baby skin care tips

Because the baby's skin is sensitive and in full training, it needs thorough care rituals. It is very important to use hygiene and moisturizing products with natural ingredients, free of perfume, preservatives and dyes (agents responsible for adverse skin reactions).

The soaps, bath foam, lotions and shampoo must have a neutral pH, to maintain the natural protective layer of the skin. All baby skin care products are ideal if they have a light texture, with an intensely moisturizing effect.

The skin in the diaper area is always exposed to moisture and bacteria from the faeces, which is why it is also most susceptible to irritations and infections. At each change, the baby needs a gentle cleaning, by rinsing with water or with the help of special wet towels, then applying a cream / lotion for the ass and the intimate area, with emollient and anti-inflammatory action.

This category also belongs to Bepanthen ointment, which has a higher fat content and a lower concentration of water, generally being applied to dry tissue. It is recommended for the protection of his baby's buttock against the erythema pharyngeal.

In the first months of life, when using soap is not recommended for babies, the skin can be cleansed with oils purchased from pharmacies, intended for body and hair cleansing. Even if pharmacists can make recommendations in this regard, the advice of the pediatrician consulting the baby is the safest source of information.

What important tips can you give to moms about baby skin care, depending on its particularities? Tell us your ideas in the comments section!

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