How to get through labor more easily

How to get through labor more easily

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Some traditional treatments, such as a bottle of hot water held on the belly, ice, the state lying in a dark room, massaging the painful place, music, movement, rest or the presence of loved ones, to relieve the suffering we do at maturity from reflex.

All these actions can be very useful during labor. If you give birth at home, you will be free to do whatever it takes to feel better. If you give birth at the hospital you will need to seek assistance.

Communicate accurately to the midwife and those around you how they can help you feel better.

The fear felt by most women during labor can exacerbate the pain sensation.

If you learn to relax, you will be able to reduce the tension and you will do well for both the child and yourself.

If you are relaxed, you will conserve your energy; you will prevent the redirection of blood from the uterus; In stressed situations, the body assumes that you must exit the situation where you are so that it redirects the blood to the limbs and the heart, so that you can run away.
If you are relaxed, then your breathing will be normal and you will provide enough oxygen to the baby, the uterus muscles will contract more easily, and the baby will be born faster, you will be alert, not exhausted, and ready to pay full attention to the child. your.

Choose carefully the person you want to have next to you at birth: you must be a person who is not overwhelmed by the situation, who is able to encourage you, to be near you both physically and mentally. This person could be the life partner, mother, sister or a friend.
If you want to be assisted by more than one person, consider the size of the birth room. Tell the person or persons exactly how you want to help. Inform them about what will happen and warn them that you might think about some things set before birth. Change your position whenever you feel the need.

Breathing and massage

Most relaxation techniques focus on breathing and maintaining it at a normal pace.
Due to the feeling of fear and tension, the breath becomes shaken, the expiration is shortened and the air remains blocked in the throat. You will be amazed and you will not be able to control yourself.
Try to keep pace with your repairs and during contractions. Inhale on the nose and exhale on the mouth. During expiration, lower your shoulders and try to release tension from your body.
Repeat the word "relaxation" in order to remember to breathe. Remember that there are breaks between contractions.
Massage may be helpful. Most women have pain in the lower back.
Ask your partner:
• To massage yourself with circular movements, at the base of the spine, using the palm of the palm and exerting pressure.
• Use your thumbs to massage each side of the spine.
• Massage your shoulders with slow, steady movements. It will help you breathe relaxed.
Some doctors argue that it may be helpful to try to visualize how the baby goes through the opening of the womb.
On the other hand, you can imagine that you are in a place where you feel good and where you usually relax. For example, on the seashore, in a garden or in your bedroom.
The water
Water is a wonderful way to relieve pain. Usually, when you want to relax, a bath or shower helps you a lot. And during labor, water can be useful.
Get in the tub with water or take a shower, letting the water flow backwards to create a balance with the front where the contractions are felt.
If the hospital where you give birth has a pool, you can use it to relieve pain and you can even give birth there.

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