Marinated fish with tomato juice

Marinated fish with tomato juice

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Do you want to prepare a healthy, tasty dinner that, in addition, is easily prepared? We recommend a delicious and aromatic marinated fish with tomato juice.

Preparation time

40 min




4 fresh fish

2 medium onions

2 cups of red juice

1 glass of wine

1 lemon

3 was of dolphin



salt and pepper

Method of preparation

Wash the fish well, season it with salt and pepper, pass it through the flour and fry it in oil, about 4 minutes. Cut the Julian onion, heat it until softened, then cut the slices of lemon.

Turn off onion with wine and tomato juice, add fish and lemon, bay leaves, pepper and salt and let them boil. Place the fish in a large tray, pour over the tomato sauce and place in the oven for 25 minutes.

Serve marinated over hot fish, sprinkled with green and lemon.

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