June 1, the day when Itsy Bitsy Fm awards all its listeners

June 1, the day when Itsy Bitsy Fm awards all its listeners

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Red snapper, Wolf, Goat, Spider-man, Snow-white, Itsy, Bitsy and snow occupy the main intersections in Bucharest on June 1st.
June 1, the day when Itsy Bitsy Fm awards all its listeners.

For Children's Day, Itsy Bitsy FM, Tandarica Theater and the Police of the Capital make Bucharest, a city of story! Between the hours 7-9 and 18-20, in the main intersections of the city, the traffic will be directed by the most beloved story characters.
Red Duck, Three-Goat Goat, Wolf, Fake Bear, Fulga, Haribo, Pacala, Papi, Chip, Quiky, Snow White, Spider Man, Itsy, Bitsy and Zapa will stop all the cars in which they are children, to stop make them presents for their birthday! So, on Thursday, all the drivers will be supervised by the idols of the little ones, in order for the Children's Day to be a truly beautiful one!
Also from June 1st, the listeners of Itsy Bitsy FM, the radio station of children with smart parents, have the opportunity to see a real radio studio, the dearest stars at work and, moreover, the little ones will become radio producers.
Along with Itsy and Bitsy, Ziana, Adriana and Zapa will be broadcasting their biggest fans.
At the headquarters from Radu Cristian Street Nr. 4 curious children are waiting! Children's Day, is the day when Itsy Bitsy FM has a gift for every listener who calls 3119811!