British Documentary, October 15 - December 17, 2012

British Documentary, October 15 - December 17, 2012

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British Documentary, October 15 - December 17, 2012

British Council launches the third edition of the "British Documentary" project, starting with October 15, 2012. The documentary series presented in this edition includes the new weekly screenings that will take place from October 15 to December 17, during the days of October. Monday, starting at 19.00, at the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant, the "Horia Bernea" Studio. Admission is free, within the available places.

Four of the directors included in the current selection are winners of the BAFTA award, two of them being Emmy award winners. As in previous editions, the films to be presented were nominated or winners of the awards given at the Grierson Documentary Film Festival, UK, in 2011.

The diversity of the topics covered is an essential feature of the "British Documentary", so that this autumn the spectators will enjoy a selection of very varied films. Issues of the contemporary world - wars in recent years, escalation of religious extremism, trafficking with human organs, media manipulation, consumer literature, scientific topics - statistics and its applicability in the most unexpected fields, but also art - will be addressed. to Leonard Cohen and, respectively, to the great British composer Edward Elgar.

The film that debuts the third edition of the British Documentary, "Invisible War", is made by a former journalist, John Pilger, himself a war reporter, winner of the BAFTA and Emmy awards for his documentaries. The film reveals the extremely important role of the international press in the way and perspective from which the public receives information about the wars waged by the Western powers over the last century. "Invisible War" is a film about media manipulation, about the control of the press by governments, about propaganda, about ethics and morality and about the pact between power and the press.
The program of screenings is available on the British Council website.
The "British Documentary" project was launched in 2010 and until now the films have been released in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Galati, Targu Mures and Reghin. The project is supported by Radio Guerilla, and in Bucharest is organized in partnership with the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant. Media partners include the Cultural Observatory and Cinemagia.

Time schedule

October 15 - "The Invisible War" (2010, directed by John Pilger, 96 min.)

The "invisible war" reveals and, not infrequently, unmasks the extremely important role of the international press in the way and perspective from which the public receives information about the wars waged by the Western powers over the last century - the first and second world wars, the wars. carried out by the United States in Vietnam, recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

A film about media manipulation, about the control of the press by governments, about propaganda and about ethics and morality, about the pact between power and the press, "Invisible War" is made by a former journalist, John Pilger, himself a war reporter, winner of BAFTA and Emmy awards for documentaries.

In a firm tone, with harsh truths, said without hesitation, this film wants a reality awakening for its viewers, victims of an illusory freedom of the press and a false access to information.

October 22 - "The Little Marathoner" (2010, directed by Gemma Atwal, 90 min.)

The "little marathoner" is a true story from that part of the world of India in a dehumanizing poverty, where children are a source of profit, being sold or exploited by their parents and by local mafia networks. The protagonist of the film is one of these children, who, however, will become a true star in the position of the youngest marathoner in India. The one who changes his destiny and thus changes his own destiny is an almost heroic figure, a man who can bring hope for these children destined for decay. The film is a tragic story of how much good can overcome in a fundamental world of evil.

October 29 - "The Joy of Statistics" (2010, Dan Hillman, 60 min.)

Presented by Swedish professor Hans Rosling, "The Joy of Stats", this film tells in an absolutely captivating and tonic way the history of statistics, the countless uses and benefits brought by it, and at the same time, it shows us how much the world today is based on statistics and develops accordingly.

Statistics is not just figures, it puts things in a new light, in many different lights and can be a joyful science, not just useful.

November 6 - "My brother, the Islamist" (2011, directed by: Robb Leech, 60 min.)

The world as we know it or think we know it sometimes goes in unexpected directions; in response to various social problems, not a few young, white, British converts to Islam and joins extremist groups that are campaigning for the transformation of Britain into an Islamic state, governed by Sharia - Muslim law.

The film tries to find answers and explanations for this worrying phenomenon, joining the point of view of these protesters to that of their families, analyzing the facts and situations from different perspectives.

November 12 - "Elgar - the man behind the mask" (2010, directed by John Bridcut, 90 min.)

Directed by John Bridcut, author of several documentaries about British composers, this film is dedicated to the famous Edward Elgar, balancing the public image of the musician, the perfect gentleman, with some events in his private life, less laudable.
The film received the BAFTA award for soundtrack in 2011.

November 26 - "Guilty Pleasures" (2010, directed by Julie Moggan, 86 min.)

Love novels can be an innocent pleasure, sometimes even guilty and, it seems, a way of life. "Guilty Pleasures" presents us a writer of such novels, who wants, more than anything else, to be absolutely alone, a photomodel posing for the romantic covers of these books, but who has not had a love affair for more. for years, a reader determined to turn the stories in Romanian into reality, another reader who models her expectations after the events happened.

More than a pleasure, the book world turns out to be an escape and a surrogate for real life failures, with an impressive number of followers - one of the high profile UK publishers sells over 200 million romance novels annually in 109 countries.

December 3 - "Leonard Cohen" (2010, directed by Tony Palmer, 106 min.)

British director Tony Palmer filmed most of the documentary during Leonard Cohen's European tour in 1972. Considered to have been lost for 38 years and rebuilt in 2010, the film represents a surprising, attentive and impressive portrait of an extraordinary artist .
Tony Palmer is the author of an impressive number of films dedicated to musical personalities, both from the world of rock music and from the world of classical music. He has won over 40 international awards, including BAFTA and Emmy.

December 10 - "Between life and death" (2010, directed by Nick Holt, 50 min.)

An impressive documentary about the responsibility of choosing between life and death for victims of tragic road accidents, in which the question is asked how much life is worth living when it means just breathing and nothing more. With images not infrequently shocking, "Between life and death" brings the spectator in front of extreme forms of human suffering. Director Nick Holt received the BAFTA award in the "Documentary" category in 2011 for this film.

December 17 - "The Bodyguards of New York" (2010, directed by Toby Dye, 61 min.)

At the limit of the macabre, this documentary follows the path of an illegal business of millions of dollars, with international ramifications: the trafficking of human tissues from corpses.
The facts presented are shocking, the motivations and justifications of those involved oscillating between medical necessity, progress of science and good intentions, while the police investigations show a series of illegalities committed with incredible cynicism.
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Source: National Museum of the Romanian Peasant