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Flowers of Ie continue the journey dedicated to the presentation of the traditional Romanian port abroad

Flowers of Ie continue the journey dedicated to the presentation of the traditional Romanian port abroad

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At the invitation of Mrs. Monica Irimia, representative of Tracia Land Italia Association, Cristina Chiriac, founder of Flori de Ie, in partnership with Brandusa Bordeianu Make up Artist, together with Aldo Moro University and the Faculty of Business and Tourism will represent Romania in Bari, Italy, in March 9, 2017, during the Spring event, you are welcome with Martisor!

"The Martisor is a braided bracelet with two threads, one white and one red, symbolizing both life and purity of the soul as well as sacrifice and blood. According to the legend, Martisorul was a gift of girls or women to boys or men, on the occasion of the coming of spring, to celebrate the rebirth of nature and as a symbol of good health and beauty, "says Monica Irimia, organizer of the initiative and coordinator on the South for the Tracia Land association.

The event will take place in the hall of Aldo Moro University in Bari and is part of a project developed in partnership with the local City Hall. Flowers of Ie organize a parade of traditional Romanian costumes, from their own collection, which will be dressed by representatives of the Romanian community in Italy. Also, there will be a debate that aims to increase knowledge about the history and culture of Romania. The presentation will be divided into two moments of parade of the Romanian folk costumes, linked together by a special documentary material, made by Agerpres. The black and white and color images, true works of art can be found in the Agerpres Photographic Archive, will lead you to a journey in time, through the history of Romania.

Cristina Chiriac traveled with stories of flowering flowers, promoting Romanian art, from New York to London, Vienna, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Dubai, Shanghai. "In the future, many other trips and surprises are announced. We have succeeded, through the Romanian one, to offer a new perspective to those from abroad on our values. Flowers of Iasi try to preserve and transmit further what specialists in our popular tradition call carefully sewn magic signs, which are meant to protect the wearer from evil spirits. It takes Romanian at this moment the best ambassador of Romanian values, creates bridges and unites hearts, brings hope in souls. ”

Flori de Ie is the first concept based on traditional Romanian clothing, accepted and appreciated by other international brands in projects with national and international exposure, such as exhibitions and international fairs for fashion, culture and design, traditional value recovery and a good continuator of Romanian culture. This year Flori de ie launched the first hand-stitched metallic thread, a national premiere.

"In the event that will take place in Bari, we wish to welcome the spring of 2017 with authentic Romanian stories. Thus, they will have the opportunity to present the Romanian people from different cultures, such as: Spain, Italy, India, Brazil, and not only. We want to show the world the traditional and valuable art of the Romanian people, who has managed to gather appreciation and praise from all corners of the world ”, added Cristina Chiriac.

The mission of Flori de Ie is to become a valuable tool in representing the Romanian popular port globally, by encouraging and intermediating partnerships with other countries. Flori de Ie participated in numerous national and international events, during which he brought to the fore the Romanian culture and popular port. More details about the Flori de Ie brand on the website:


Organizers: Tracia Land Association, BARI Municipality 1, Flori de Ie, Brandusa Bordeianu Make-up Artist, Aldo Moro University and the Faculty of Business and Tourism

Main media partners: Agerpres and RTV; Media partners: Leaders Reunited,,; The photos from the event will bear Roberto Sibilano's signature.

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