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- I am 24 years old, I have been married for 1 year and a half and for almost 7 months we have tried to have a child, we wish much. I have never had gynecological problems, I have never been pregnant. The problem is that 3 days ago I was bad: big belly pains and fainting (initially I thought it was a pregnancy, but it was only a short menstruation but with lots of pain and problems) and I got to the emergency, I was admitted and now I am undergoing treatment for "subacute subcutaneous metastasis with lipotoxic states". In the hospital I was given injections of ampicillin, gentamicin and movalis. At home I was given treatment: augmentin, metronidazole, movalis pills and for calcium deficiency glutanolact ca + mg- injections. I feel better, but when I go out, I feel some pain in my belly; also, since i started treatment at home i have some blood leaks, with drops much redder than the cycle and i just don't feel when they appear. Is this normal? Does this sex life affect me? Is it being treated or will it recur? Can I still have children? I was told that I might have the horns clogged, but I didn't do an ultrasound.


Metro-annexitis is an inflammatory reaction localized to the endometrium (endometritis) and / or myometrium (myometritis) associated with inflammation of the appendages (tube, ovary). This inflammatory reaction occurs in response to physical or infectious aggression at this level.

This is probably an infectious sub-annex, since the treatment includes a series of antibiotics. The duration of treatment can be up to 21 days in chronic or relapsing attachments.

During treatment, sexual contacts (even protected ones) should be avoided. Also, there are certain infectious inflammatory conditions that require treatment for the partner, even if he has no accusations (otherwise there is the risk of reinfection).

There are certain pathogens that can cause adhesions between the attachments and neighboring organs (eg, Fitz Hugh Curtis syndrome in Chlamydia infection), which are clinically manifested by rebellious pain in anti-inflammatory treatment (only after surgical removal of the adhesions - laparoscopic intervention most frequently); adhesions that can be a cause of infertility, which can obstruct the uterine flag.

An anexial inflammatory process can alter the secretion of the ovarian hormones, a modification that hinders both the achievement of the fertilization itself and the subsequent support of a possible pregnancy; modification that may be responsible for the presence of the symptoms presented by you.

Once this inflammatory process is resolved, you will need to show up at a specialized center for couple infertility to reevaluate the situation and determine the subsequent therapeutic behavior.

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