Divertiland Spring Fest, 2nd edition - Martisor Fair dedicated to small entrepreneurs

Divertiland Spring Fest, 2nd edition - Martisor Fair dedicated to small entrepreneurs

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Divertiland Playland and the Bursuceii Juris Activity Center organize the largest Martisor fair dedicated to small entrepreneurs.

Over 20 kindergartens exhibit charity products made by children, over 1000 expected visitors.

Divertiland Playland together with the Children's Activities Center Bursuceii Merry organizes Sunday, February 26, 2017, between 10.00am - 6.00pm Martertii Fair Divertiland Spring Fest, 2nd edition.

Located in the second edition, the event hosts over 20 exhibitors (kindergartens and schools) who will donate 50% of the sales of martissis to the partner association Candy Taxi to fund the Bomboland Center - the latest project of the association dedicated to children with special needs or patients of pediatric hospitals, as well as for children and adolescents from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The event has a dual purpose: encouraging children to acquire entrepreneurial spirit, developing creativity and teamwork skills, but also an important charitable side through donations from the proceeds from the sales, which will reach the small beneficiaries of the Bomboland Center.

"Divertiland Playland represents the perfect location for organizing such events, through the adaptability of the space, the accessibility of the location and the fact that it comes with a complement to the fun part, through the unique attractions made available to visitors. Thus, besides the fair and the purchase of bridesmaids for loved ones, visitors can spend a few hours of family fun, testing the only part covered by skiing in Romania, derdelus, karting track and many other attractions. Also, especially for February 26, the price of access tickets, which include the use of all the attractions and specific equipment, is 35 lei for children, adults benefiting from free entry, "said Antony Lourezos, Divertiland General Manager.

The entertainment program is complemented by numerous artistic moments supported by children from the Intermezzo Studio, the Dance World Dance School, the Kindergarten Avram Iancu or the Bursuceii Merry Center. The little ones will be able to participate in creative workshops organized at the stands.

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