Olita, how do I convince my little one?

Olita, how do I convince my little one?

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- What should I do to convince my 2-year-old and 4-month-old to sit on the pot?


First of all I think it is very important if it is a boy or a girl because the problem is a little different. If he is a boy, he will be more pleased to pee than to stand on the pot.
Then, I don't know if the problem is "to persuade him to stay", maybe it would be easier to have the potion at hand and to work when it comes.
At this age a child can sense the sensation of "coming" and has time to announce, ask for help or get naked. This is why it is important not to insist too much on sitting on the pot because in this way you will refuse it with force.
If you do not quarrel and do not have absorbent diapers, in a short time you will get the feeling of being wet / dirty and will use the pot. I do not know how you have done so far and so my advice is not very concrete but I expect you to come back with other information.
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