10 things you should never do when visiting a newborn

10 things you should never do when visiting a newborn

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Going to visit a friend who was just born is a gesture of normality and kindness that any person should do.

And even if it is a gesture that you get to do out of obligation, be careful, however, not to become that annoying person who rings at the door at 5 pm, on the way to a fancy dinner in the city, arranged, styled and dressed as a podium, with a bare hand and a rude attitude. It is bad behavior towards the host, the fresh mother, who does not have time for her and is always asleep even after the chapter of worldly life. So it does not make their life even harder.

Here are the rules that every person who visits a newborn must follow:

It does not go without being invited - the rule says to call ahead and set a fixed date and time for the visit you are going to make;

It doesn't go empty handed - it does not carry flowers, because you add an extra task to the already long list of the mother - to take care of them. In addition, strong smells disturb little ones, especially if your friend lives in a studio. It would be best to talk to your new parents and ask what they need. If you are embarrassed or you are not close enough for it, you can go anytime on a safe version like this. It destroys 99.9% of the germs, and your friend will definitely appreciate the gesture, especially as a mother is in great need of such a device;

Do not visit if you are ill - even if it is a simple cold, the patient never goes to visit a baby. Think about the fact that very little ones don't even have all the vaccines they have;

It doesn't sit very long - Give them the gift, play a little with the little one, offer to help with what you can, then retire politely. New parents are usually very tired, especially if they became parents for the first time;

Don't take someone else with you - even if new parents like to boast about their child, a mother will not appreciate having to breastfeed with a stranger, and this can happen, especially since the little ones have to be fed very often;

Do not post on the social networks pictures with the little one without asking the parents' consent - may not be the kind of people who want to expose their lives on such sites and even less the child;

Don't change your plans on the go - If you said that you arrive at 16.00, do not call at the last moment to notify your friend that you will arrive sooner or later. Moms usually have their days planned by the minute and it is annoying for someone to change this fine balance;

Don't forget to wash your hands - The first thing you do before you touch the baby is to wash your hands. The little ones are very vulnerable to pathogens;

He does not give unsolicited advice - can be annoying for parents. You can only do this if they are doing something really dangerous for the newborn. But even then, choose your words carefully;

Do not forget about other children in the family - if your friend has other children, don't forget about them. Take them a small gift and pay attention. Usually older brothers and sisters feel excluded in the first weeks after the arrival of the new child.

What behavior would you add to this list?

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